A March full of Conspiracy, Social ill, Drought & Haze

A March full of Conspiracy, Social ill, Drought & Haze

It’s really been a difficult time to smile in Malaysia lately. There has just been too much sadness. If you’d excuse me, i’d like to write a little bit and get all this negativity out of me..

Conspiracy – Firstly, i’d like to tell everyone and every media that told ‘me’ and others like me to stop speculating and spreading rumours to wake up and take a look at who’s spreading lie’s and rumours now? But what happens if the plane really is found in the ocean now? What could that mean? In my personal opinion, if the plane is found in the ocean now, it would have been planted there already. The people who were intended to be kidnapped or interrogated has been offloaded and they now need a cover story. surely, i hope that i am wrong and somehow, flight #MH370 will come home.

Social Ill – 6 Reported dead and another 3 still in critical condition at the Future Music Festival Asia during the ASOT night (thats short for A State Of Trance in case some people are wondering). Now, it is not the organisers fault. And you really can’t blame the police or security. Why? firstly, most of this kids pop the drugs way before entering the venue area and even if they tried to bring in the pills, there is more than 50 thousand people trying to get in and it’s in the middle of the night. It’s easier said than done to find 5 tablets which is probably hidden in their underwears. So do you ban Rave parties all-together? i don’t know. Raving is quite associated to drugs, but at one time in life, so is Rock & Disco. To the youths out there, if you think you can control the substance that you pop in your mouth, remember this. Illegal drugs are manufactured in garages and illegal factories. The level of substance is brewed by some guy who might be high himself. 99% might have controlled amount of drugs but 1% might OD you. Moreover, when you are on a high, there is no controlling wanting more. That’s when it gets out of hand. So if you think you can control drugs, think again..

Drought – Thank god for rain these 2 days. And rain came after the announcement of cancellation of FMFA! We must have done something right? i dont know but i’m just happy to see rain!

Haze – A lot of people are getting sick this week due to the bad haze. Thankfully, things are getting better. The rain has cleared the skies for now. phewwwwww. However, try spending less time outdoors to minimise your exposure. :)

In light of all the negativity, we have to be strong and spread some positivity. It’s high time we shared positive messages on our twitter, facebook & instagram! we all need a lift in our spirits. Therefore, no more sad sad stuff from me anymore! from today on, it will be good news on my social networks until the end of the week! 1 week of positivity coming right up! put a smile in the faces of the people you love. Be a friend for those in need. Do what you need to do to spread positivity! #WeLoveMalaysia

MH370 – My Theory

MH370 - My Theory

*The Theories & Assumption in this post are merely speculations & personal thoughts

So, We are in 2014 and a gigantic plane goes missing in thin air?? There are so many uncertain questions left unanswered. Here is what i think happened.

I personally think all this is a conspiracy & cover up. Someone onboard flight MH370 is an important person that some government needs to capture without people knowing. The plane indeed emergency landed in Nanning and all cellphones has been confiscated. All phones are switched ‘off’ except for one of course that some person in China who managed to call through his brother’s cell but nobody answered.

There must be a reason for such a big coverup. Probably the identity of this person is so important that the fact that he is being abducted might worsen a political war. Ukraine Vs Rusia perhaps? and probably all negotiations are happening with world leaders. This is really like in the movies we watch where it is for our safety that all this information is not shared.

Well, this is just my thoughts. There are too many abnormalities of what happened to #MH370 to consider it an air accident. The timing of lost of communication, the radar signal being switched off, so much effort for search but no sign of emergency beacon signal at all, the nanning reporting of landing, the cellphone ringing, the 2 people travelling under stolen passports. (STOLEN and NOT False!)

This is just my opinion and there are no facts backing it up. And if what i speculate is to be false, all i pray for is that whatever happened to #MH370, the passengers to be safe.

My heart goes out to all the family & friends of the passengers of #MH370.

Macam Mana Nak Jadi Model, Penyanyi atau Pelakon?

Soalan-soalan yang saya selalu dapat di DM atau WeChat..

1. Saya nak jadi artist boleh tak?
2. MB macam mana nak jadi pelakon?
3. Saya memang minat berlakon..

Jadi, persoalannya, adakah budak-budak ini bertanya kepada orang yang betul? Apakah cara yang betul jika betul-betul minat?

MB bukanlah expert sangat dalam bidang ini, tapi ini sepatah dua nasihat kepada sesiapa yang memang ada minat hendak menjadi pelakon, penyanyi ataupun model.

Kita bermula dengan Model dahulu. Jika anda rasa anda ada bakat hendak menjadi model, anda boleh…

1. Mencari Agensi permodelan untuk membuat photoshoot profile sendiri
2. Hantar profil anda kepada semua ‘talent agency’
3. Ambil kelas model di agensi permodelan seperti Amber Chia Academy
4. Rajin baca majalah fashion tempatan yang sering ada ‘open casting’ untuk model
5. Rajin-rajin lah pergi ‘Casting’

Nak jadi Penyanyi pula macam mana? Zaman dulu, nak jadi penyanyi susah. Kena rajin amik bahagian dalam peraduan menyanyi, kena rajin cari tempat untuk menyanyi, dan sekadar bakat tak cukup untuk mendapat ‘recording deal’. Tapi zaman kini, senang sikit.. anda boleh..

1. Belajar buat cover di YouTube
2. Kalau ada lagu sendiri, lagi bagus. Sebab pencari bakat sentiasa memerhatikan. Tapi covers lebih cepat mendapat perhatian orang
3. Masih kena rajin cari tempat untuk buat persembahan sebab kita tidak tahu siapa yang sedang menonton

Dan ini yang paling ramai orang nak jadi.. pelakon.. Ramai orang selalu berpendapat yang berlakon adalah suatu yang mudah tetapi hakikatnya, berlakon itu memerlukan bukan sahaja bakat tetapi ‘determination’ yang kuat. Tapi kalau anda berminat, anda boleh..

1. Belajar untuk sesuaikan diri di depan kamera dengan merakam VLOG sendiri.
2. Buat short film sendiri di YouTube
3. Rajin cari ‘Production House’ yang sering buat ‘Open Casting’
4. Pergi untuk class ‘Drama’ atau ‘Theater’

Dan begitulah antara cara yang boleh diamalkan jika nak jadi artist. Video yang dijadikan contoh ialah video dari Elizabeth Tan. Kenapa? Elizabeth ni sebenarnya bercita-cita nak jadi Host TV atau pelakon. Menyanyi di depan kamera merupakan cara beliau belajar untuk menjadi tidak kekok di depan kamera. Tapi mungkin jodoh Liz adalah dalam bidang nyanyian sebab beberapa video Liz telah ‘viral’ di laman sosial dan beliau kini sudah menjadi artist di bawah naungan Paranormal Talents & sudah mula merakam single pertama beliau.

Adakah Liz akan berjaya dalam bidang ini? kita tidak tahu lagi tapi yang penting, usaha Liz di YouTube memang membuahkan hasil.

Jadi, duduk cakap nak jadi artist, nak berlakon, nak jadi penyanyi manalah cukup… do something about it. We always need to have a plan.

Good luck! maybe someday Paranormalaya Productions juga akan ada ‘open casting’ jadi jangan lupa follow @ParanormalMY di twitter dan langani youtube.com/paranormaltalents di youtube. Mana tahu, anda bakat yang kita tengah tercari-cari :)

Salam Ahad!

Bagaimana #MB4 #M13 & #OhMyMalaysia bermula?

Kalau sekadar tweet dalam Bahasa, boleh lagi. Ni nak blog dalam Bahasa, agak sukar gak. Harap ampunkan MB kalau ada silap bahasa dalam artikel ini ya :)

Tahun lepas, MB diperkenalkan dengan seorang budak lelaki yang agak popular di twitter. Nama dia, Megat Amir Danish. Dan melalui Megat, MB berpeluang untuk berkenalan dengan 3 orang lagi budak-budak femes iaitu @thekhayalan15, @akbarazman & @AizatABD. MB rasa jodoh menemukan kita sebab walaupun pendek perkenalan kita, MB senang nak bergaul dengan mereka. Keempat-empat mereka mula mengambil bahagian dalam kempen-kempen ‘Tweet Berbayar’ yang MB jalankan. Dalam masa yang sama, MB dapat perhatikan yang followers mereka sgt sgt sayangkan mereka. Jadi, MB membuat keputusan untuk satukan mereka. Kita bertemu di KLCC untuk makan tengah hari, dan di situlah bermulanya #MB4 atau memberi maksud 4 Sekawan MelakaBoy!

Pada masa itu, MB juga kenal dengan seorang gadis muda yg sgt sgt sweet. Pandai menyanyi pulak tu. She’s @SyadaAmzahh!! and through her and Syahir, MB berjumpa pula Adel Asha masa Festival Belia 2013.. Oleh sebab #MB4 sudah mempunyai identiti mereka sendiri, MB membuat keputusan untuk melahirkan satu lagi entiti dan diberi nama #M13 yg juga boleh bermaksud MIE iaitu 3 terbalik! MIE itu pendek untuk Malaysian Internet Entertainers. #M13 juga membawa maksud MB iaitu 1 & 3 dicantumkan :)

Semua ini berlaku dalam masa yg sangat singkat & pada bulan September 2013, MB terfikir nak memulakan satu video pendek bersempena dengan Hari Malaysia. Video ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesedaran sivik kepada remaja di Malaysia. Bila kita mula merakam video pada hari pertama, kita masih tiada nama untuk projek kita. Masa shoot, kita terfikir-fikir apa nama yang sesuai. Hampir tak ingat siapa yg rekomen nama #OhMyMalaysia tapi semua orang setuju yang nama itu sesuai dan dengan itu, terciptalah #OhMyMalaysia yang dilancarkan pada Hari Malaysia 2013.

Sampai sekarang, 9 episode #OhMyMalaysia sudah berjaya dikeluarkan & harap-harap akan ada lagi di masa hadapan.

MB mengambil kesempatan ini untuk merakamkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada UNITAR, BSN & Filem Kisah Paling Gengster kerana sudi menaja video-video #OhMyMalaysia.

Kalau nak tengok lebih video #OhMyMalaysia, kenalah rajin suruh kawan-kawan lain tengok sebab kalau tak ramai orang tengok, mana kita nak cari sponsor? Jadi, kalau lapang, kongsikan Video-Video #OhMyMalaysia ok? Siap bagi playlist ni :)

Tq sudi support #OhMyMalaysia!

The Paranormal Journey..

ImageFirstly, i’m sorry for not blogging for a while now. The past 2 years has just been crazy. It’s safe to say i turned my life upside down and inside out. The step i took towards this journey i call ‘Paranormal’ has indeed been anything but normal. I thought i’d just share my story with aspiring entrepreneurs and hope my story inspires em.

How it all started : About 4 years ago, i was working in DiGi, doing events & sponsorships. It was just one strange evening when Sulin Lau, someone i consider my mentor came up to me (which she rarely does) and says let’s take a walk.. So i followed her for her regular cigarette break and she started talking to me about venturing into the local entertainment industry to build engagement with the Malay market. At that point, the only thing i knew about the local music industry is the pub scene. A scene where i frequent and i spent my nights listening to good ol country & folk music.

The Challenge : I obviously took the challenge. I always step up to take on new challenges. So step 1 : Research.. Google was the tool and Top Malaysian Malay celebrities on Facebook was my first search. Stumbled upon a site which told me Lisa Surihani was the most liked person on Facebook. At that point, Lisa had about 800,000 likes on her FB page. And that’s where it all began. I built a list of 20 most followed celebrities on social media and presented them to my bosses. What happened? Nobody knew anything about the existence of this ‘market’ which was followed my millions of Malaysians. What happened next? I managed the signing of Lisa Surihani, Shaheizy Sam, Aizat Amdan & Mia Sara as Friends of DiGi. So much memories but yes, they are my first 4 friends in this industry.

Konsert Jelajah Desa : About a year later, we tried out something new. Instead of having concerts in Key Market Centres, we brought concerts to the outskirts. At this point, i started learning that the entertainment industry was full of people who were trying to make big money by using their connections with the celebrities. Back then, if you paid RM 10,000 for a performer, the performer gets probably about just half the amount. This was something that i strongly am against so i literally made sure that i negotiate directly with each celebrity that we engaged and ensured that they got payment that is fair for them. Indirectly, i made ‘more’ friends and somewhere on the line, made ‘enemies’ with people that were already sucking money from celebrities.

Social Media : Having spent most of my budget on making sure the line up is strong, i had very little resources left for A&P. That’s where i started asking for favors. I asked all celebrities involved to assist in marketing this concert in their FB’s and Twitters and they all helped out. Till today.. i’m still grateful to all the celebrities involved in Konsert Jelajah Desa. So concert turn out was good. A couple of thousand in each venue and bosses were happy. But for me, if i spent 1 Million Ringgit on a concert, i should have reached more people than just a few thousand people at 6 venues. 

Social Media Tracking : So i did a little research online during the first week of the concerts. Could i track statistics of the advertising that was done on twitter & facebook? and thats where i stumbled upon (hashtracking) at that time a FREE tool for tracking twitter campaigns and when the reports came in, the numbers were just amazing. We were reaching out to more than 1 Million people at that time and to support this report i did an online survey to ask people how did they get to know about the concert. I got about 500+ responses and almost 80% of the people got their information from Facebook & Twitter! Now that’s amazing!

Paranormal Solutions : When i saw the results from the social media campaigns and knew a little back then about advertising, i had the feeling i could do 2 things. Number 1, i can help celebrities make more money and secondly, i could make a little more money than what i was getting back then. And so, i took a risk, a pay cut, a loan from my uncle Bob Tan, and challenged myself to start Paranormal Solutions.

How did we do? : My first client was Universal McCann who approached me back then for a KFC campaign. Today, McCann has become one of our biggest partners. :) Thanks Wan, Polly & Rohayu! In our first year of business, with help from friends like Mark Darren, Shanker & Farah (All former colleagues), we had the opportunity to be a part of award winning campaigns like #Nestle100 & #TeamMalaysia, our first 2 major projects. Thank you Vanda & Mr. Khoo KK for believing in us.

And through #TeamMalaysia, i met Nick Gan who then introduced me to Zenith Media whom has officially became my biggest partner in 2013. Thank you Zenith Media & the Xpax team for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to grow together with your brand.

The Formula : If anyone ever asked me what’s my winning formula, i’d say it was real ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Passion Work’. Never once did i say No to my clients before giving it a try. Long hours were spent. I’ve even worked 2 months straight without weekends. It was crazy. But at the end of the day, it was well worth it.

People i need to thank : There’s a few people that has been there for me throughout my journey. People who believed in me, and has given me their 100% support! And i don’t get to say thank you to them enough, so i’m going to do it here. Thank you Aizat Amdan for being the first celebrity who followed me on twitter.. Thank you Zizan Razak for the countless retweets during DiGi Jelajah Desa. Thank you Yana Samsudin & Shila Amzah, the first 2 people that actually were my best friends on Twitter and for supporting me in the early days of my business. Thank you Mia Sara & Ridz for believing in me and becoming the First even Paranormal Talents. Thank you Elfira Loy for doing twitter work with me even though you have never met me before and also for telling all the other celebrities about us and introducing us to Nelydia. We are blessed to have both of you as our talents. Thank you Joe Lee for being a friend and helping me out with making media friends. 

Our Future : In 2014, Paranormal Group has created a joint venture with theMalaya productions and now we are known as Paranormalaya Productions. I first met these twin brothers Man & Mie when they helped me vector pictures of Yana Samsudin. We then did our first tutorial video together for F&N Gempakz. Time flies. 1 Year later, we are creating content together like #OhMyMalaysia & #OhMyPerempuan and we are shooting all events together. It’s been a great journey boys! Let’s hope 2014 becomes more interesting for us!

My Advice : ‘Do business with integrity. Do not cheat and do not lie’ Strong words shared to me by my former Head of Marketing Boss Albern Murty. Remember this always. If you cheat people once, they will never believe you again. I stand by this principle and will do my best to uphold this principle and do my best to make a small change to how our local entertainment industry works. 

We now work with over 50 top artist, the top malay youth key opinion leaders and over 200 twitter influencers! I am a proud man. Still a very small person in this entertainment industry, but enough to make a small difference.

#PRU13 – Pendapat seorang budak Melaka


So, the 13th General Elections has ended with mix feelings. I thought i’d share my opinion since i have a very good balance of friends and followers on social media from different backgrounds and different believes.

Untuk Parti Pembangkang Pakatan Rakyat – congratulations for having a nett gain of 7 seats from GE12. Congratulations for winning the hearts of the popular votes in urban-centric areas and finnal penetrating into the hearts of urban borneo areas. However, let’s face the fact. Phantom voters, postal votes, Illegal voters, if non-existence, would have probably won you a further 5 seats? still way short of a simple majority. Nevertheless, thank you for standing up for the rights of the rakyat. Nevertheless, i think the mission for PR moving forward, is to take race bace politics to the next level. I see a swing of votes to DAP this elections and i personally believe that DAP is winning because of their credible candidates. Some lesson should be learnt here. I believe more people are voting for credible candidates. For the fanatic followers of PR, remember to respect people. If you win using hatred as your cause, you may win the battle but you have lost the war. Learn to respect other people’s opinions and fight for democracy in a peaceful manner.

As for Barisan Nasional, you have still many loyalist in your camp. Your youth divisions if i might say have really gone all out in winning the hearts of the younger voters. However, make no mistakes. These are also guys who will go against you in the next GE if they believe they have not been given what they are promised. So listen well, and hopefully, govern with integrity towards a real 1Malaysia. For the fanatics of BN, you need to learn to accept criticism. You cannot fight a battle head on. Think before you spread hatred.

Oh well, i dream of a Malaysia with all of you my brothers and sisters. BN or PR, i will support he who dreams this cause with me. I also dream of a Malaysia where my chinese brothers will say that Islam is a beautiful religion and my Muslim brothers will not say that the chinese belong in China. We are all born in this country and i believe those fighting for a better Malaysia will die defending the country.

Fight no more and let’s start listening to each other to create a better Malaysia.

Melakaboy (6.52013)

I hope that nobody is offended by this post. I am just sharing my thoughts as i believe that a strong opposition is required to keep the government balanced.

If you love coffee and your wife..


Tonight, i came up with a really interesting topic to blog about.. a little coffee and a lot of love..

I’m quite sure that many of you love coffee? Most people i know start having passion for coffee at probably the age of 21. Why? i can only conclude that when you get older, you appreciate it’s beauty more.

When we step into our teenage life, most people get really insane about Coffee Bean & Starbucks.. You’re like the IN person if you drink CB/SB! However, by the time you get older, you kind of realize that the cooler people are the people that hang out in places where there are huge coffee machines and there are coffees that even you wont know how to order. Sounds familiar?

Then you get hooked into places like this.. where the coffee’s aroma just makes u go emmmmmmmm and the beautiful art on the latte just makes u go wwwwwowwwwwwwwww… And you now become the cooler person..

However, the real truth is, home is where coffee is needed most. When you wake up, you’d want your wife to make you coffee.. and to be honest, in this modern day era, your wife would probably just tell you to either make it yourself or you’d probably get a 3-in-1 coffee! Satisfaction – ZERO!

I was introduced to this little machine they call the Dolce Gusto a couple of weeks ago! and suddenly, this thought came into my mind.. maybe.. just maybe if i had this in my home, i could wake up to beautiful and delicious coffee in the morning made by the person i love.. how about that?

Instead of sharing pictures of this device, i decided to just steal videos from youtube and share it with you.. you know what they say, the best way to share, is to share the best of the best.. so feast your eyes, to what the Nescafe Dolce Gusto can do for you and your loved ones..

Now i’m not kidding! i saw this with my own eyes! if you experiment and try long enough.. u can do this using the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio!

maybe someday.. you’ll even be able to do this!

Now, just to sum things up.. this LITTLE machine can do EXACTLY what the big machines u see in Starbucks do! and at the comfort of your own home! like seriously.. from brewing all the way to coffee art! In simpler terms, the small machine can do things like this big machine does!

So if you love your spouse.. and you’d like the smell of good coffee in the morning! give the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio a try!

Have fun! #muchleb

Guitar Heroes of Today! Best of What I’ve Seen

Sorry for the late of blogging lately followers! Banyak sangat event for the past 2 weeks so x dapat post..

Harini jom kita tengok videos Hero Hero Guitar di dunia ini! Suka Gitar x?

Hero 1 : Andy Mckee

Hero 2 : Walk Off The Earth

Hero 3 : Don Ross & Andy McKee

Hero 4 : Paul Ponnudorai

Hero 5 : Tommy Emmanuel

Hero 6 : Sungha Jung

Hero 7 : Erik Mongrain

Hope you enjoy the videos! have a great sunday UOLS!

@YanaSamsudin & @Shaheizy_Sam bakal #JelajahBorneo

Sempena pelancaran filem Adnan Sempit 2, DiGi Telecommunications bakal membawa pelakon terkenal Shaheizy Sam dan Yana Samsudin untuk bertemu dengan peminat di Kota Kinabalu & Kuching sempena promosi filem tersebut.

Bagi peminat-peminat mereka di KK & Kuching, inilah bagaimana untuk berjumpa dengan idola kamu.

25 Februari 2012

  • Lokasi – Growball Cinema Centre Point
  • Masa – 4ptg – 6ptg
  • Apa yang berlaku? – Sesi bertemu & bergambar dengan peminat
  • Apa yang perlu? – Beli Super Reload DiGi bernilai RM 15 dan dapatkan poster idola kamu serta peluang bergambar dengan Yana & Sam
  • *Jurugambar Professional akan mengambil gambar dan akan dimuatkan ke http;//fb.com/DiGiYouths
  • **Terhad kepada 500 peminat yang datang terawal dan sesi bergambar adalah dalam kumpulan 5 orang tidak termasuk artis

26 Februari 2012

  • Lokasi – Lotus Cinema Riverside
  • Masa – 4ptg – 6ptg
  • Apa yang berlaku? – Sesi bertemu & bergambar dengan peminat
  • Apa yang perlu? – Beli Super Reload DiGi bernilai RM 15 dan dapatkan poster idola kamu serta peluang bergambar dengan Yana & Sam
  • *Jurugambar Professional akan mengambil gambar dan akan dimuatkan ke http;//fb.com/DiGiYouths
  • **Terhad kepada 500 peminat yang datang terawal dan sesi bergambar adalah dalam kumpulan 5 orang tidak termasuk artis

Untuk maklumat lanjut, tweet @melakaboy atau komen di laman http://fb.com/melakaboy

Adnan Sempit 2 Borneo Tour

Adnan Sempit 2 Borneo Tour

#ArtisGenerasiBaru @ShilaAmzah @NjwaLatif @YanaSamsudin

Yang pasti, demam artis generasi baru ini bermula dengan kemunculan Justin Bieber! Dua sahaja komen yang kau akan dapat bila cakap tentang budak ini.. sama ada tergila-gilakan dia atau tak suka gila dengan dia. Memang ramai yang tidak dapat faham, apa yang hebat sangat pasal budak ni? kalau kira muzik dia, memang kebudakan, 4 chord saje dan xder pula rhythm!

This is me trying to explain why.. sorry kaalu ada yang tidak setuju.

Aku memang peminat muzik ala country yang memang tiada market lagi jika dibandingkan dengan aliran POP atau Hip Hop! memang kalau tanya budak2 sekarang, mesti tiada satu pun yang kenal mana mana muzik country! Tetapi, aku memang curious dengan perkembangan artis generasi baru ini so aku telah follow perkembangan Justin Bieber dan aku rasa aku dapat juga faham serba sedikit kenapa budak ini popular sangat!

Dalam setahun ini, deman Artis Generasi Baru ini telah menyular pula ke Malaysia. Lahirlah artist yang popular sangat tapi tiada orang yang mahir dalam industri muzik faham kenapa. Antara #ArtisGenerasiBaru yang aku akan cerita serba sedikit harini ialah Najwa Latif, Shila Amzah, dan Yana Samsudin.

Najwa Latif

Najwa Latif, atau dikenali sebagai Wawa telah ditemui dalam laman YouTube melalui kerenahnya yang suka main gitar dan nyanyi dalam kereta ayahnya. Wawa berkembang popular apabila dia membawa lagu Cinta Muka Buku yang digubah kakaknya Ika. Video rasmi Wawa menjadi video pertama di Malaysia yang mencapai 5Juta tayangan di YouTube dan beliau kini ada lebih dari 150 ribu pengikut dalam laman Twitternya @njwalatif.

Shila Amzah di AJL26 #Shilalas

Shila Amzah, atau dikenali dengan nama shylla pula ditemui dalam rancangan One In A Million. Beliau juga giat dalam Twitter @shilaamzah dan juga YouTube. Mereka yang follow Shylla tahulah apakah kemampuan fanatik #Shilalas di laman twitter beliau.

Yana Samsudin

Yana Samsudin mula bangun dari kareer panjangnya melalui cerita Bini-Biniku Gangster. Walaupun telah lama dalam industri, Yana terus mencapai kejayaan yang pesat apabila diberi peluang. Yana kini berkembang dengan cepat juga di laman twitter @YanaSamsudin dengan fan club beliau #YanaSuperFriends yang giat mempromosikan beliau.

Apa yang istimewa sangat tentang 3 artist ini? mari ikut aku dalami. Jika anda follow filem GLEE dan High School Musical, anda akan faham yang di dalam dunia ini, ramai orang yang berbakat tapi tidak dapat meluahkan bakat kerana tidak ada peluang untuk menembusi industri muzik yang mementingkan artis lagenda. Jadi, budak budak ini memilih internet untuk meluahkan kreativiti mereka. YouTube telah menjadi fenomena #ArtisGenerasiBaru. Semua orang sayang Wawa kerana mereka ada inspirasi hendak menjadi seperti Wawa dan wawa tidak sombong, dia mendengar rintihan peminatnya dan dia terus memberi semangat melalui twitter.

Shila Amzah pula memang pentingkan peminatnya. Dia tidak kisah orang industri tengok dirinya sebagai kebudakan, di atas pentas AJL juga dia lebih pentingkan peminat dari anugerah! Inilah yang membakar semangat peminat beliau. Beliau juga tidak sombong. Dia terus meluahkan kreativitinya melalui YouTube dan menyanyi selalu untuk peminatnya!

Yana pula merupakan artis baru yang mendalami dunia siber. Melalui twitter, Yana berkomunikasi dengan peminatnya setiap hari. Dia menggunakan kata kata yang membuatkan peminat dia lebih cinta kepada dia. Yana tidak sombong. Dia sanggup melayan semua peminatnya kalau boleh…

Kalau dibaca artikel ini sepenuhnya, nampak tak formula #ArtisGenerasiBaru? kalau tak, biar saya mudahkan…

#ArtisGenerasiBaru = Tidak Sombong + Selalu berinteraksi dengan peminat + Cinta peminat

Memang ramai yang masih agungkan artis lagenda Malaysia.. tapi jika bandingkan Shila Amzah dengan Sheila Majid, peminat shylla lebih fanatik dan ini yang menbuat beliau terus naik dalam industri ini.

Nasihat aku kepada industri musik & filem malaysia, ikutlah derus perubahan, kalau tak, pasti kamu ketinggalan. Majulah #IndustriHiburanMalaysia

Terima Kasih kerana membaca dan harap yang membaca akan lebih faham kenapa orang macam aku ini sokong gila @YanaSamsudin, @ShilaAmzah dan @NjwaLatif =D sekian!

Ikuti aku di Twitter @melakaboy



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