DiGi Yellow Army Commander’s Camp 21st – 23rd September 2007

Well, here i am back to bloggin! back to ramblings of my insane life and back to writing about things that i often keep to myself.. that’s right.. im back! after blogspot and friendster blogs.. i really hope wordpress will make me stay! so last week, i was facilitation a camp at DiGi headquarters for 60 unique youths who were chosen to be leaders of their communities and campuses.. here are some pictures of some unique individuals i met.. tot i’d like to share them with the other networking ppl that visit my site.. if u wanna find youth leaders.. then here’s what you can do! call me.. haha

Here’s a short portfolio of ppl i met! that i’ll never forget.. first up we have u2Kumar, the man himself.. http://www.friendster.com/u2ku ?? at age 46? a friendster account? he’s a trainer who trains (phrase from pink panther..comedious haha!).. then i was mesmorized by BabyGirl Elaine from Monash! who came in late after her prom all dressed to KILL! and make all guys wanna stand up and sing. “you’re way too beautiful girl” and noone will never forget her ‘when i say su.. you say mo’ haha so cute.. such energy. then we’ve got Michelle who lost her voice.. poor thing.. she’s actually very sweet although she puts up a strong figurehead face half the time.. haha 😉 fortunately for me, this sweet little thing is under my jurisdiction.. probably bad for her though..haha! We then have Sasha who extorted me of 500’000 U2$.. darn..and on top of that, she happily wrote in her essay about how she extorted me! met La Sallians Gary d guitarist & another pretty gurl..caitlyn i think! haha.. also met anna from UM.. sweet.. met Bboy Nicholas from indonesia but currently in Sunway..stoner!!!! Not forgetting also Stella Choo who has been so nice to me since i accepted this job.. was such a moment to see her cry during one of the sessions with u2.. she’s such a lover.. not forgetting too my boys from UNITEN, UPM, MMU Melaka & MMU Cyberjaya! & of course there were other ppl who stole my heart and attention but above it all, these were d major ones! cheers to d’YellowArmy!

It all ended with sorrow as we had to depart. But nevertheless, the fire will continue to burn in our hearts! CHALLENGE! CHEERS! “)

Some pictures for remembrance!

The Twisted Facilitators

Twisted Organizers!

d Session!

The guy on the right end needs to learn how to hold his beer mug! hmmmph..



Twisted Yellow Bombers

at the end, it was all good! different backgrounds, different culture, one mission, one goal!



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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. EXTORTER?!?!!? wahhh.. insult insult. HAHAHA

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