DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp

Well, it has been 6 longs weeks for me and my crew as we conducted 4 motivational boots camp for the DiGi Yellow Army recruits all over Malaysia. That’s practically why i’ve been missing for quite some time but here i am, back to blog about all 4 camps at once.

Let’s start with the Northern Boots Camp held at Hutan Lipur Kuala Woh, Tapah. DISASTEROUS! as we were robbed of our water supply and a night thunderstorm pretty much kept most parts of the activities at bay. However, we manage to make every minute spent there educational and FUN! Been googling a lot to find if anyone has talked about the camps, but unfortunately, have not stumbled upon any.. Therefore, if you are reading this and you have blogged about the camps, do leave a link and i shall include them at the footnote of this writeup.. 🙂


DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp


Well there were not much stories to tell about this camp.. a few unique individuals that appeared normal but outshone the rest were like Cikgu Rowena who impressed most of us with her OTHER SIDE… also Pui Har who is a Malaysian National Soft Ball player.. Not forgetting our best camper Zul who has a heart of gold.. (long story) and also Lengjai Kit’s new found friend Notti Gurl. We also had the very hyperactive Suhaila who apparently only plays ganas.. hahaha..check out their friendster site.. Well, the man behind this camp is Hamed a.k.a the last prince of Persia. Good luck in your exams my Persian brother!

Exactly 2 weeks later, we took a trip down to Pulau Sapi where we met with our Sabahan counterparts. Very small group of people but still we had fun. Limelight of this camp? we had the whole island to ourselves after 6PM. We had a chance to do some snorkeling in the South China Seas and it was pretty amazing. Loads of funny looking fishes there..

DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp

Had this wonderful chat at sea with Josephine who apparently cant swim but was courageous enough to try as they needed the points to graduate. How sweet! At night, it poured, forcing us to have out SECOND BBQ SESSION UNDER THE RAIN! only, this time we were prepared with our Yellow Rain Coats.. 🙂

DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp

BBQ did not end so quick as all they bought was chicken wing and considering there was not too many of us, there was ample of chickens to go around! Sessions ended the next day naturally with mix emotions.. but the level of motivation was pretty high and im pretty sure this batch of armies are gonna make an impact in UMS next year…

Exactly a week later… (see how pack the schedule was?) we headed down to the Historical City of Melaka where we camped at Ayer Keroh Botanical Gardens, formerly known as Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest. This camp involved MMU Melaka, MMU Cyberjaya, MeTaSe, SuMo and also the USM crew.. +1 from UM, Grace..

Limelight of this camp was abseiling where 95% of the campers motivated each other to try it. So, we abseiled from a 30ft Tower. Here to join us, sCubs and Marko!

DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp

Unfortunately, Darling Joyce and Sally were not able to join us.. The other attraction we had was the 200m long Canopy walk where we walked through a monkey bridge for 200 Metres.. Too bad it rained during the walk.. we were all soaked but thanks to Kim who brought here rain coat, our phones and walkie talkie were saved. Such a darling ain’t she?

That night, we raided Jonker Walk, Melaka’s ChinaTown. It was a leisure shopping time. You know the great thing, all the armies were in their new Fu-Yoh t-shirt and everywhere they went, ppl were like hey look, DiGi ppl! 🙂 now that’s what i call branding. We danced at the streets and naturally ppl stopped and watch! i think this b-boy is glad we cant see his face.. 😉 but the crowd was wild.. one pub even asked us if we wanna go inside the pub and dance or not.. sigh.. opportunities! just if we had more time!

Breakdancing in Jonker Walk

Well,in all camps there is the people we grow connected to.. ppl who leave footprints in our hearts! and here are but some of them who outshone from the rest.. we have at up front the darling Stella Ella, very lover leader, there was Tharan who was rather quiet this camp.. KEN the noise maker! we had Laura the Lovely, (hmmm dont get any ideas) we had Aunty Bel and her glue sticking partner Eling, B-Boy Rico who is so full of spirit, we had Jingle the part expert… JonZ from Taylor’s.. D and Alvin the Obscene Jokers! and some others whom i will blog about next time considering there is too many already…

Well, considering we had the wackiest people, here’s some pictures of wacky ppl!

Crazy Yellow Army DiGi Yellow Army High Jumpers

Wacky Yellow Army DiGi Yellow Army Midnight Cooking

Well, all in all, it was a ACTION PACKED camp.. full of energy! and we all had fun!

But if all of this was considered tiring, then one week later, we landed ourselves in Riverstone ECO Resort in Hulu Yam! As i was dead tired from the previous camps and also from working in the DiGi Youth Street Festival at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa the day before, Leonard and Kenneth joined in to help run the show!

The limelight, we got Melissa to go on the Flying Fox! now how much more cooler can the camp get? I know she’s gonna remember me for a long time, but no regrets! wahahah

DiGi Yellow Army can FLY! DiGi Yellow Army misterp! can FLY DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp Base Games

DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp Base Games DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp Base Games DiGi Yellow Army Boots Camp Base Games

I’d love to elaborate further on the people i met during this camp.. bt so far, i’ve not seen any of them on the internet yet.. ppl that made a difference.. well, Nestor the Mestor was there, Anna was there, Mei Mei the dimple queen of course.. there was this particular gal named IKA that i’m still trying to trace.. intellectual and spontaneous… rare species.. of course we had the guys from UPM and a very energetic leader named Fairuz (girl) i will remember all of you!

When it was time to leave, we all had a whacky picture as alwiz!

DiGi Yellow Army Central Boots Camp

After this 6 weeks, i am as much exhausted as i am happie about the past 6 weeks…. I’ve met fabulous people and i’ve left footprints in a lot of people’s hearts. I hope i will be remembered as i will remember the people.. Hope those who attended the camps enjoyed the camp and i hope u guys can apply what you have learned.. Signing off to recuperate!

prashan chitty a.k.a. misterp!


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  1. i will remember the people.. Hope those who attended the camps enjoyed the camp and i hope

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