9-3-08 Malaysia, a new meaning to the word…

I’ve never felt better waking up in mornings after having a good sleep last night knowing the results from the 12th Malaysian Elections. Yes, It is true! the opposition parties combining the Malaysian Democratic Action Party, People’s Justice Party, and Parti Islam SeMalaysia has denied Barisan Nasional their 2/3 Majority in parliament. Now what does that really mean being denied the 2/3 majority? NO it does not mean that BN will not continue to rule the country as all they need is a 51% to rule. Being denied 2/3 in parliament means that BN will not be able to modify and create new acts without the 2/3 majority in parliament. Meaning, they are going to face new obstacles in front of them.

Before i even begin narrating, allow me to apologize for the absence of my posts. I have since in the last month shifted into Taman Tun, residing at my u bob’s place which at the moment i still do not have access to the internet. I’ve been travelling much hence no time to apply for the line. See, im bloggin now because today’s events have inspired me much. Let’s hope it will inspire you guys just as much. Me posts will start to come back soon! cheers..

Being a person that always thought that the elections was not worth taking part in as it is most of the time rigged, this 12th General Elections has opened up my eyes that in front of me now lies evidence that if the rakyat wants to change, they can just change it! Fact BN has also officially lost Penang, Perak & Selangor to the coalition of PKR & DAP and also Kedah & Kelantan to the coalition of PAS & PKR. YB Lim Guan Eng has also been announced to be the new Penang Chief Minister.

Well, all eyes is on the opposition now. Your term is 5 years. Show the rakyat that you can make a change and who knows, maybe in the 13th General Elections, soft majority is just a step away. New faces to watch this time around, few people that is very dedicated to make change are, petite and elegant YB Hannah Yeoh, a 29 year old who is the new assemblywoman in Subang Jaya, YB Tony Pua, new MP for PJ Utara, YB Nurul Izzah who defeated our Minister of woman affairs on International Woman’s Day @ Lembah Pantai, Jeff Ooi, the father of blogging in Malaysia turned politician, Nik Nazmi, a 26 year old turn Dun of Seri Setia, Anwar Ibrahim of course, the man who sighted Malaysia Baru, & of course Lim Kit Siang, who’s finally dream of creating a Tsunami has been achieved. Oops, forgot to mention Teresa Kok, our Sassy MP as well..

The beauty of this people, is that they have all signed up for Barisan Rakyat, an initiative to make sure our MP’s and Dun’s are doing their job. They have pledged to be transparent in doing their work and letting the ‘rakyat’ know from time to time what is happening under their power. More info can be read from Haris Ibrahim. Let’s hope that this battle is just the beginning of a new tomorrow. A new light for us Malaysians who want to be treated fair and equal.

Won’t say much as i did not vote this time around but i bet everyone knows by now who my vote is for in time to come! my proudest moments, DAP has won back Kota Melaka which was lost only in 1999 since independence. Sim Tong Hin, our hopes are with you for a better tomorrow. I leave this post with a picture of a ‘ceramah’ held in Penang, which saw how the people has came together to fight with the opposition for a greater tomorrow (compliments of TV Smith)


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