Terrific Week, Horrific End of today..

The last 10 days must have been the most interesting 10 days of my life.. I recap the interesting moments when i walked into Bukit Kiara for Sunburst Music Festival 08 and i saw 4 stages.. amazing.. just like how i use to watch DVD concerts of James Taylor and Eric Clapton.. ppl actually paid RM 200 to come see this guy called John Legend & i get to walk in FREE for work and i have no idea whatsoever who this guy really is.. 🙂

John Legend Live in KL

One thing i can say though, his piano skills.. not bad.. 🙂

Then Bid Direct, my current company received news that Yellow Army 2008 was in play.. and that means WORK!!!!!!!

So just 7 days later, i traveled up north.. stopping in UUM Kedah to do my recruitment.. mid term exams were near.. but still i managed to pull the weight with help from ZUL..thank’s Zul.. u’ve been much help! this guy is just so energetic and wanna start the YA pronto! salute…

Then i came down to Penang, where i currently am… and a series of events tonight has inspired me to blog.. initially i wanted just to blog after finishing my up north road show..but since i cant sleep due to some arguments earlier, well.. here goes my agony story!

About 4 hours ago, i headed down to this street which looks like Jonker Walk in penang.. Full of life.. live music, loud music, party people…and all those crazy stuffs.. Dropped by a bar which i noticed earlier which had live music.. apparently local band..so i though what the heck.. maybe just go see see la… so i sat down..and the waitress, very innocent gal, walked to me and asked what i would like to drink.. as normal, i asked for the menu.. she brought the menu, and then told me that they have HAPPY HOURS all night long.. and 1 jug of tiger is RM 28. Gosh, RM28? thats SUPER cheap..so i said ok, i’ll have a jug of beer then… let me show u what turned up on my table..

Beer in Penang!

Initially, the jug came with a smaller glass..and those who knows me knows i only drink in mugs.. some stupid tradition passed on from my dad.. so i asked for a beer mug.. and i never noticed anything amidst until the waiter poured my first glass of beer! notice the balance left in the jug? YES the JUG is SMALLER than NORMAL! its a Mini Jug.. no wonder it’s so cheap.. then i thought, what the hell.. its just me drinking and RM 28 is still a reasonable price to pay!

Guess what, after my first glass, i left the place and left the rest of the beer behind. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE doing that.. the jug could fill only 3 mugs compared to 4 just in case some of u r wondering.. why i left? the beer taste worse than anything i have ever tasted.. its like 50% beer and 50% water.. damm.. who dilutes beer so much? like i said, first time i left my beer after 1 glass.. sad but true! i’ll not name the place..since i dont like to talk negative, but this is so interesting i had to blog about. Listened to the musicians… a guy and a girl… here’s a picture of them..

Band in Penang?

It was not so bad at first.. although they were just playing from a laptop and singing.. the guy was quite entertaining.. he’d sing all this old chinese songs that i have never heard of.. so it was ok! but overall, they probably had so much effects on the mic’s you could here a double echo on their sound.. BAD BAD BAD! unmusician like.. Raymond would probably laugh his ass off if he sees it.. haha.. so back to LEAVING the scene, i dropped by the loo first.. and this is the cream of the crop! here’s the most interesting thing.. this is what i saw..

play machine

I swear to god.. it is a CONDOM vending machine.. and this is the first time i have seen it in my life.. DAMM! why would anyone buy condoms in a bar? must be a fishy place.. so before anyone catches me taking the picture of the machine, i ran… RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!! and eventually i ran to Penang’s Slippery Senorita branch.. and this was the band playing..

slippery senorita penang

As normal by all young philipino bands in Malaysia, the girls were shaking themselves off..and the crowd love them.. vocals.. not bad.. and they were actually playing the music rather than using modules.. the guy on the left did pretty good backup vocals.. and that was pretty much the end if my night… Of all the bad things that happened today, 1 good thing happened.. had dinner in this place called Red Dragon Food Court behind my hotel.. and ate Shang Zhou BBQ and it was awesome..the long beans were so fantastic i think my dear shermaine would jump eating it! haha! would to leave a picture of it to end this entry..but its on my other phone and i have to plug in my bluetooth.. lazy la.. so i’ll just leave it for another time in my food section blog!

good night! many good dreams…. someone unfamilliar showed up in facebook tonight.. long lost friend.. how long, i dont know coz i cant remember her.. haha! sorry michiko..but it has been nice chatting tonite!

Sweet dreams.. i guess its sleeping time again! work work work again tomorrow! baby319, i hope ur troubles will soon go away! loads of love from Penang!




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