DiGi Yellow Army Commander Camp 2008

April 2008 Marked the new beginning of a revolution.. d Yellow Army was back in action.

Past 18 days of my life has been hell.. rested 1 Sunday out of those 18 days as i was traveling day to day in the Northern parts of Malaysia. But it all paid of. We selected 75 of our best people and brought them under one roof and once again, the banner welcoming the army was hung high in the air in DiGi HQ in Shah Alam.

The 2008 DiGi Yellow Army

Am gonna concentrate this blog about the interesting people i have met during those 3 days as i am not allowed to blog too much about the program as it is P&C. πŸ™‚ But we all know deep in our hearts whats so fantastic about this program and im pretty sure all the armies are going to be strongly motivated to make this program a success. So let’s talk about a few interesting people i met during the last 3 days. Will write as i show pictures of them.

Man with a big voice

Everyone remember Muaz? weird name right? sounds like a kiss. (LOL!) but hey he’s got d most interesting voice and if u r a voice person, you’ll melt at his feet. Too bad he lost his voice 2 days into the program. Muaz, your vocals are your asset. Make use of it and turn it into $$. You’ll make it that level someday.

Bobby doing his THING!

Meet Bobby Hoo and Jean. Bobby was the buaya for the first day. His PR skills are excellent and he is dynamic, daring & different. Awesome guy. Will make a good leader someday. Must watch out for him ya. Then we have Jean who is supposedly a fantastic swimmer. Don’t know for sure as i aint seen her swim. But would i wanna watch her swim? Hell YES! haha.. very good personality. Cheerful & sporting. Jean, your extrovert behaviour will bring you places. Remember to make it your asset. Turn (-ve) into (+ve) and that will bring out the best in you. Oh yeah.. since i’ve said so many nice things about u, how about buying me dinner? πŸ™‚ hehe

The Hyper people get\'s sleepy sometimes too

Meet Candy, probably the most HYPER ACTIVE girl i’ve ever met in my life. She’s so extrovert that she can try to sell you anything and even if you do not buy it the first time, you’ll buy it the second time. Its a good thing you are majoring in marketing as you would make a good marketeer someday. However, don’t overuse your skills. Shouting and passion is fantastic but to a certain extend. After sometime, ppl might find it irritating. Use it as your biggest weapon and you shall kill big fishes with it..

We Salute the army

How can we forget my team of people. Let’s talk about them.. Maanoj is the former ‘playa’ of the neighborhood. But of late, he has turned his skills into his advantage and now i can only see him progressing in life and making himself somebody someday. Salute! Kar Kit is still the boy wonder of our team. I have totally no idea how he attracts the girls. But somehow, he’ll get them to do anything. HAHA! Beware.. Lantz is my boss so i wont say anything bad and risk loosing my bonus next year! woo hoo! he’s one heck of a guy. That much i can say.. U2 Kumar is our chief master trainer of the program. He just makes a lot of noise and creates a lot of energy. But one thing’s for sure. If you listen to what he says, your lives would change. Mark is our Chief of Staff. Dominant personality and knows exactly what he is doing with his life. Great honor to have a comrad as great as he is. Long live the KOP! and Zahra the whipping expert is a class of her own. Speak to her and you know what we’re talking about. How can we fail?

Evin Chong Jiu Hui

Now here’s another interesting figurehead. Evin joined the Yellow Army last year under my patronage in UPM. I recall her making this statement. “Those of you who knows me should know by now how being in this program has opened up my life and made me a different person” I totally agree. Not only she is more fashionable now, she is just so good at what she does. Definitely a first class Yellow Army. A 4 pointer student as well.. hmmm… wonder how these ppl do it. Even i fail to balance both!

The Girls doing their Thing *posing

Girl Power! Yes. Spotted Ernina (utmost left) when she worked with me in UTP. Told myself straight that she is the right material for the job. Ernina, keep up the good work. Grace (in front) is another figure to watch out for. Was not too sure if she’s right for the job before the camp but she proved herself worthy of the title. Hats up. Ur d woman Grace. Ratchell (utmost right) stunned a lot of ppl with her voice during Saturday night’s presentation. If i were to hire a dynamic MTV VJ, Ratchell would be on top of my list. Go get em gal! and Caroline (beside Ratchell) is starting to bloom. She’s starting to take leads and starting to take steps. She’s starting well and i hope she’s gonna be on top of the crop next year.

Magendran from KTAR

Dynamic Duo Magendran and John. SuBraman and SpliderMan. Just remember Magen shouting at my face “more more more more more” He can really lead his pack. John was a bit more reluctant but a lot of people liked him too. Let’s hope the Dynamic Duo kills some red villains this year.

Well there are many other interesting figures to talk about. Mostly i don’t have pictures of them. People like Suraya and Suleen who stole limelight with their beauty and elegance. How often you get to find a marry of both those characteristics? almost never right? Also Mariah Zul and Silat Saw who had many stunts to show. Our Catwoman Daya from UKM, Popper Joel & Drop it like its hot Sunshine. Everyone showed extraordinary talents during the camp and everyone learned from everyone. All in all, it was a camp not to forget. Shall compile a video soon and hopefully get it online by next week or so. In the mean time, please leave a comment on my blog and leave your blog address behind if you have one. We shall link you and everyone can read about your experience with the one and only DiGi Yellow Army. With that, i sign out with a quote i adore ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get”, Forest Gump!

Mr. P! (prashan@misterp.info)



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  1. Buying you dinner?Was wondering on you buying me maybe a mug of drink to par with you?haha….

  2. Beer, you drink? why not? πŸ™‚

  3. Datsssitttlaaa! ZERO pic of Suleen & I !
    Sad case man.. hee.anyways.enjoyed readin this!
    keep me updated with ur stories!
    kudos. =)

  4. eh pretty gal.. i cannot find pictures of the 2 of u la.. πŸ™‚

  5. Ha ha… good job, mr.p.. It really did change my life.. The camp.. Watch out for UMS team.. We are taking this CHALLENgE!!!

  6. Eh found your blog!

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Moonlighter.

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