Women Explained or UnExplained?

Mother’s day this year was somewhat interesting as it was celebrated alongside my nephew’s first birthday.   Happy Burfday u little thing… oops i mean happy burfday Matthew Liang. Been on a lot of work stress lately. So much things to think about in such short periods of time. Have been somewhat slacking in my work.. time to stop whining and move on… However, past days have gotten me thinking about women and why 10 out of 10 married man claims to prefer to be single again.. Here are some scribbles of my thoughts provoked by my beautiful darling gf when i was under pressure….

Both men and women are very funny species.. man have a certain ego.. in which they always choose not to tell their spouse about their problems, their pressure, and they do not like to discuss work with their wives. Most of the time, they like to spend time with their friends over beers or supper and chit chatting with their guy friends about how work is going.. Once in a while..they get to boast about how well they r doing.. sounds pretty fine huh? Anyway, on the other hand, women have the tendency of wanting to want to know what’s happening with their bf or husbands lives… ‘i do realise that woman also at times dont tell their bf’s or husband about their problems..but somehow they expect their partners to tell them their problems’ somewhat weird don’t u think?

Anyway, was sitting in a seminar conducted by me ‘half mentor’ U2 Kumar about a month ago and he mentioned some really provoking psychological terms. He claims that women have a 50’000 words a day quota to fulfill and men have only 10’000. So after all the hussle and bussle of work, the men goes home tired wanting a rest and reading the newspaper.. but their partner would continue telling them the stories of how their day went and the interesting things that happened today, yesterday and the day before. Some men CANNOT STAND it.. it gets pretty irritating at times. It get’s the men thinking.. ‘can you please give me a break?’ but as soon as the man shows signals that they r tired, the women will get upset and says that we men are not listening to what they say… hmmmm… familliar? read on…

So how do strong relationships really work out? I heard a really interesting community service announcement on LITE FM lately.. it says that ‘everybody has got their own ways of releasing stress’. Well, let me share with u guys how i still love my gf so much after all this time.. for the note, this is my first relationship that has lasted longer than 3 months. All this while i’ve been looking for someone who can love me as much as i love them back.. i think i just got lucky..2 years approaching my dear.. 🙂

I do consider myself quite lucky to be dating shermaine. Does she not nag? does she not ‘manja’? of course she does…if a women does not, she would have lesser a value..sometimes guys do need those kind of attitudes..just not all the time right? But your gf’s comes in a package which u either take it..or leave it. If you take it, do make sure u make her feel she’s worth it. Don’t shout and scream and raise ur hands. THat’s definitely not being a MAN. But when u get upset, when she says things u do not like to hear, when you cannot agree on things. TRUST ME! first find your way of releasing stress…or u could follow my method.. Take a deep breath and tell urself everything’s gonna be fine… and again i say trust me.. if u can conquer ur attitude, you can conquer anything. Do not build the fight, but just state some of ur thoughts. She might not listen..but hey, she’s got her own opinion.. so smile.. take a deep breath and agree a little to what she’s saying.. Believe it or not, she might get angry for a while..but she’ll be alright soon after..

I guess that if it works for me, it should work for you. Being the master of your attitude is the key to success as will be preached by many master trainer’s around the world. My faourite self improvement mentor Stephen R Coveys books proves it… Not read it yet? get a copy.. 🙂

If you can control your behaviour, and learn how to use that as yout strength, you can do wonders with  ur life. Women are the most beautiful thing’s that can happen in life. Without them, you won’t have a chance to be in this world. Like the old saying goes, women, cant live with them, cant live without them. So whether it works or not, you can make a difference. So choose to change yourself before you try to change someone else. Remember, if you can accept someone for who they are, you give them less pressure on life. People have certain bad habits sometimes, but if you try to change them, most of the time, you just make thingsworse. Accept things for the better… men will eventually see their mistakes.. It just takes time..

I dedicate this post to all the women i know.. u guys are a great bunch.. Men, start treating your woman better.. and women, do understand your men better… 🙂

Suprisingly, i have 4 friends celebrating their birthdays this week. 3 of them on May 13.. what a day to be born..thank god its NOT FRIDAY.. 🙂 So, happiest of bithdays to Wendy Lai Shi Jye & Chantelle Teoh and Shirlyn Tye Shir Lyn who turns (secret, secret and 21 this year) also Tan Suet Yin who turned 22 yesterday. Baby Matthew who turned 1 on Sunday and my mum who will be 55 in about a weeks time. Happy mother’s day to all the mum’s i knoe..

Love you mum! happy mother’s day.. leave u with a lovely picture i took last weekend.

Mother\'s Love Translated


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  1. Guess i can go to my brother for love advise now hehe, urm the methods sounded great especially this one
    “Do not build the fight, but just state some of ur thoughts. She might not listen..but hey, she’s got her own opinion.. so smile.. take a deep breath and agree a little to what she’s saying.. Believe it or not, she might get angry for a while..but she’ll be alright soon after..”

    Thanks for the info ^^

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