Malaysian Artiste for Unity + Penang Amazes Me 2

About a week ago, i heard a song on Mix.FM with some familiar voices. Heard render of Jaclyn Victor’s, Pete Teo’s, Ning Baizura, Awie, and some familliar unidentified voices. Song was very sweet sounding. Very strange though, as the vocals of Malaysian Top Artiste were not as appealing as it could be. What i mean is non of the artiste actually showed of their vocal talent. Strange huh?
About a week later, i received a Facebook invite from Pete to join this group called Malaysian Artiste for Unity (Click to view or join). It all then came to make sense. Here in my home, the name of the song is an initiative of a group of Malaysian Artist who calls themselves Malaysian Artiste for Unity. Those interested to join the group can click (Malaysian Artiste for Unity) and join it.. You must have Facebook first.

Those who have not heard the song before, well, here’s an embedded video from YouTube. As i am strong believer of MUSIC for UNITY.. i was first to pounce on Pete’s invite. Not a doubt in my brain to be a part of music as a revolution for peace for my beloved country.

Back to life.. was again travelling north for work the past 4 days and again stopped by the lovely Pearl of The Orient Penang for a couple of days. And adding to my earlier post on Penang, here’s a bite on Penang Amazes Me Part 2

Took a drive to Gurney Drive for dinner to have some nice Hawker Style Food. While i was walking down the road, i spotted an EMERGENCY TELEPHONE BOOTH. Now have you seen anything like this anywhere else in Malaysia? i personally have not. What a way to fight crime. Whether it came from the brains of someone from Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat, i have to put 2 thumbs up for the brains behind it. Cheers!

Penang Emergency Phone Booth

After makan, while walking back to my car, spotted another scenario behind a bus stop. There was a group of Taxi drivers resting behind the bus stop. When a new guy arrived, the first thing he did was take a chalk and wrote his car number on the board shown below. I was curious what was it, so i stepped up to take a look. Imagine, they were writing their numbers down so that noone cuts queue. I was so amazed by their culture, i had to take a picture. Cheers to taxi drivers of Penang.

Taxi Waiting List

Before reaching my car, while walking by the beach, i was also amazed by the Penangites culture. Local’s met by the shore and sat down in families to chit chat, multi racial families all joking and praising one another. Now who says that there is no peace in Malaysia? Stopped by a local malay guy who was setting up a stall to have a chit chat with him since his business was slow (weekday ma). Chatting a little, conversation went into politics. I asked him.. ‘so pakcik, how has the new tsunami effected ur business?’ he says ‘dulu susah, sekarang senang’ translation of his words would read last time difficult, now easy. So i naturally asks him why and he became comfortable with me and shared his story with me. Shall not share those stories here as it is just a matter of one’s oppinion.

Nevertheless, same as my previous post, i would say, Penang felt like home to me. The culture was somewhwat like Melaka and i would like to take this opportunity to wish fellow Melakian YB Lim Guan Eng the best of health and luck in grooming the Pearl of the Orient to be Malaysians’s rold model for the forthcoming General Elections.

Cheers Minister Lim.


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