Shi Jye turns 25 (worst day of her life?)

Well, this year, majority of my friends turn Quarter a  Century old.. that includes me. I guess when you turn Quarter a Century old, you start looking back at life and remembering old those memories before you actually got old. And most of the time, to your surprise, these memories tend to end up pretty sweet. This post is about a month late. But better late than never eh?

Wendy Lai, d gal who lived down the street from me in Melaka, turned 25 last month. Her party is one of those i seldom attend but this year, i made an exception and it brought back much memories, so i’ve decided to blog about it. Hope this brings back memories to some other ppl as well.

Well, most beautiful memory i actually have on Wendy is when i once cycled past her house, and i heard some voices and i stopped to listed.. There and then, i was entertained by 5 minutes of bathroom idol competition. Haha.. and the worst ever i had, not sure if she realised is that one day, i was actually at the junction of her house, and she was watering plants. U see back then, i had a crush on her.. so when i saw her, i did not know whether to turn left or turn right. I turned my bicycle handle left and right and i fell down on the spot. Haha.. what a joke..

So here’s what happened during the party.. we got her a Flaming Lamborghini, and half hour later, she was in flames… woo hoo! Middle picture potraits one of Melaka’s all time favourite target, Ms. Pauline Poh lay See. Such a figure.. Almost everyone i know, including myself, had a high school crush on her. Too bad none of us were up to her expectations. But 1 guy was, and he’s still with her till today. However, that guy is definitely not the one u see with her on the 3rd picture. That’s dexter yeo xiang young, hope i spelled ur name correctly bro. He’s Mr. ‘charming’ during our school days & therefore, when we met up with the girls last month, he became his charming self again. Young Young…

Wendy down\'s a Flaming Lamborghini

Smile so big

Dexter doing what he is best at

Then the girls gathered again for an old time sake picture. Picture below taken in 2008

Pretty Maidends

Check out From left, (not sure what’s her name. All  i know she’s getting married this year! then Kelly’s d second from left, Lay See and the Burfday Gal wendy down below. We were pretty much a click of friends till we left high school when everyone started going their own way. The gals had rather different lifestyles compared with us so we did not click much after that. But catching up was fun. They are still very dear to me. Therefore, im sharing a picture of them in 2003 with u guys! see next picture..

Four Maiden-Musketeers

Here we have the girls back in 2003. From left, Lay See, Su-N, Kelly & Wendy. How things have changed. Haha. I’m gonna get a little notti now.. read on..

Taken at Dexter\'s Birthday party in 1999

This picture’s a little old and blurry, plus at that point of time, we did not have Digital Cameras. So nothing much i can do about the clearity. Man i got to find these pictures back. That’s me in front with Shi Jye, Su-N and Lay See at the back. This was the day where i made Lay See scream and shed tears. She’ll never forget me for that. Haha. I’m pretty sure i enjoyed it! =) Now im gonna get cheekier..

Angels during the millenium @ Bamboo Hut

Sigh, we use to meet up every year for New Year Eve party. Now everyone is just everywhere. Sad Sad Sad! WHat has life become? In the piture, the girls just finished their Kampai i think.. or was it Sub Zero? during that time, these were the crazy drinks.. 🙂 Tiong Sheng was hiding at the back of the picture

Girls @ Bamboo Hut 31st December 2002

Dang i look different in this picture.. But so do they right? haha.. i’m so gonna get killed for this overload of information. But the best is, i’m gonna take you back in time to see a picture that was taken when we were 15. Picture is pretty blur. Let’s see if i can get anything out of it.

Li Wah\'s party

There was not much to play with, so here’s the best i have. Hopefully, someday i can find these pictures again and re-scan them. When i do i will repost! Fun Fun Fun!

Tequilla Shots for all

So we had a few tequilla shots that night.. don’t we always? 🙂 That’s Jayvan in the middle, Wendy’s long lost partner in life which she found not too long ago.

She\'s so touched

So we made her make a wish on top of the chair in Itallianies, and she was so touched. You can really tell from her expressions cant you? Lastly, here’s a picture of the girl’s whose getting married. Since i took quite nice of a picture of her, thought i’d post it up even though i cant remember her name 🙂

Wendy\'s cute friend

At the end of the party, wendy could not stand straight so i guess we the guys achieved our mission! as always we enjoyed ourselves much to the drinks and a little to the music. Seeing Lay See, Wendy & Kelly really do bring back much memories, gurl’s good luck in your future undertakings. Remember that i’ll always be ur friend when u need one. I may not seem much of a friend as i don’t like to pretend that i’m a damm good friend, but im sure u guys know that i’ll b over if u need anything! cheers.

For Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow & Everyday! & Batman 4ever!


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  1. Hi, never thought I would enter such a strange page…
    I’ve seen this girl’s picture from a Japanese search engine and I click the source link then end up here.
    My God she’s pretty!
    Yes, the girl u mentioned and said u don’t know the name of, that one.
    Hope she’s still having a nice and sweet marriage~
    Stranger from Asia

  2. lolz. that was a weird comment. I have however no idea how she’s doing. I do hope well for her as well..

    owner of blog 😀

  3. lol, Hi it’s the stranger again 🙂 thanks for reply~ Hey, may I ask u which country the girl is from ? Cause it seems to me that she’s kind of chinese blood in her… Ah that’s a weird question isn’t it~
    Do hope she and u are both doing great!

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