Malaysia : Politics or Politricks?

Had a good start to the day today. After the long football weeks, finally had a rest from the live telecasts. Stepped into office and read the newspaper to update myself on our beautiful country.

Then camy across the topic

‘129 voted for, 78 against governments motion on price hikes’

Quote from the article ‘ One hundred and twenty-nine Barisan MPs voted in support of it while 78 Opposition MPs voted against.’ Had me thinking for a while, and i finally concluded based on my own judgement that the Malaysia i love is governed by MP’s who are working for their parties and not for the people. How is it possible that not one Barisan Nasional MP not vote against this motion? Does it even make sense?? Does none of the Barisan MP’s that were chosen by the ‘rakyat’ not feel for the people’s suffering on ground? is there no other ways to tackle this problem?

I’ve been doing much reading on and off with regards to the rescent fuel hike and there has been many claims for the oppositions on how prices can be decreased and also many claims from the BN government that the country will go bankrupt if the subsidy continues. Who to believe? Well, i can only belief what is happening to me and the people around me. And fact is…

  1. Fuel price is so high now that i start considering going back to my motorcycle days
  2. Food price is starting to go up means i have to cut down meals?
  3. I just changed my car thus meaning my expenses is INCREASING
  4. I want to take public transport but there are just not enough efficient ways to travel
  5. I want to cycle but i’ll be super late for work everyday
  6. Everytime i thinkabout bringing my loved ones out for a more descent meal, i’d have to think 3 times
  7. The government is making less losses, meaning earning more money
  8. Tertiary Education is still not free in Malaysia
  9. Toll prices still remains
  10. and last but not least pay remains at its base

Now, if i, with a gross annual income of 30K a year is grouching and i do not even have kids and still staying in a relatives place, i wonder how those people who earn gross salary of 20K per year survive with kids and paying rental and all?

Well, i do blame Malaysians for being exceedingly demanding for a better life. After all, which Malaysian, even if they are suffering from the ‘No money’ desease would come out and work as a maid? or a toilet cleaner? or for low pay for that matter? I believe the answer is a minority of few. I know for a fact that most graduates rather stay home and laze than start their career with a low pay. Has suffering been kicked out of the Malaysian Dictionary? Everyone wants to make a quick buck. Who does not, but why cant we live averagely?

To the oppositions, until you find someway to topple the current government, please understand that sulking and creating more problems will not solve anything. Why not put your ‘extremely gifted minds’ to use in helping the people suffer less or even helping the government govern better. Remember, it is not about your party and your party’s agenda. You have been voted in to tell our tale. Hats up for people like Hannah Yeoh and Nurrul Izzah who is doing much to go on ground and improve people’s sufferings. Let’s put action into words rather than making it more political then it already is.
To the government, i have no idea what’s on the minds of the leaders. Is it merely a political agenda? is something going wrong? or are they just happy to see the ‘rakyat’ suffer?

Well, that’s pretty much to say from someone who is a non registered voter who failed to believe that a change is possible in this country. Nevertheless, i hope that members of  Barisan Rakyat will continue to be our last line of defense. Save us, save the world! I rest my case….

I hope to not get started about Raja Petra’s Prominent woman involvement issue. My 2 cents worth, RPK, you have put the people ahead of your life. I do not know you personally, but would regard you as the Gandhi of Malaysia. May your love for the people continue to be your strength as i know the people are starting to make you their strength to fight on..

I leave with a quote as i remember it from a short video of Ghandi that i watched from Stephen R. Covey’s 7th Habit. “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

Stay strong RPK! We all know there is a greater cause here than ourselves.


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