6 Weeks Missing in ActioN! P! is back…

After a long and interesting month, finally i get to spend time on my computer to scribble in my little weblog. Not sure if anyone actually reads, but if you feel like knowing what has been happening to me in the past 6 weeks and why i have been missing, read on as i share some interesting moments.

Prashan Chity A.K.A Mr. P! with Dina from Malaysian Idol 1

Earlier last month, landed myself in Sarawak for the first location of DiGi’s D’Campus roadshow! it was a tyring trip as we have just completed a series of camps for the DiGi Yellow Army. Yellow Army BootCamp writeup will follow as soon as i finish the video of it 🙂 Anyway, It was super tyring but super enjoyable as Simon & Eric brought me to SEAFOOD! makan makan makan! Got sick on the 4th day there. Down with extremely deadly fever and was down and out as soon i reached back to KL. After meeting with my Doctor, i was practically bed ridden for 4 long days. Feels sick not being able to work! haha. Anyway in Sarawak, had the chance to meet with Dina from Malaysian Idol 1. Quite a celebrity. Down to earth and good stage presence. Got an excellent shot of her on stage and sharing it here.

Dina Performing In Unimas

About a week after i recovered from me sickness, i was back in action in UKM’s D’Campus Roadshow. Just when i got better, Simon from Event Plus challenged me to a one on one Paintball. It must have been one of his luckier days as even though i got him multiple times on his shoulder, he got me on a headshot! Blardy mask did not protect me well enough. I got LIPSTICKED!!! Wicked!

Headshot from Simon

Early August, landed myself in UTP’s D’Campus Roadshow. Witnessed an accident on the way there! not so wicked! Picture below shows a man, lying down in the drain. Sounds scary right? Imagine you were in my position when i was 1 KM away when i saw this guy actually riding his motorcycle down a cliff and straight into the drain. Thank god the cliff was just 1.5M high. Phew. When i drew nearer, i saw that he was motionless and i thought for a moment that i just witnessed a guy loose his life! What did i do? being the person i am, of course i stopped a side and checked on him. As i walked closer to him, my heart felt relief when i heard him snoring! PHEW!!!! the guy was drunk but alive. Since i was the first witness to what happened, i called the cops and stayed on till the cops arrived although i was kind off late to meet the UTP Yellow Armies for briefing. Sorry Yellow Army! Thanks for waiting! I hope you like the burgers i asked Charles to buy for u guys!

Tragedy in front of my eyes

Mid August, down to Melaka to celebrate me dad’s 20.08.2008 60th birthday bash followed by MMU Melaka’s D’Campus Roadshow. Picture below is a picture of me client, Lareina who came to supervise our D’Campus roadshow in MMU Melaka. And being part mayor of this town, i brought her for food. After the roadshow, took Lareina to Capitol Satay where we feasted for about an hour plus on good food and good booze. Will not go into details. Those who want to know more about Capitol Satay, i have a column written on good food, you can find the link to the left of this page so do read if you are curious! Lareina did not actually eat that prawn.. She’s Allergic to big prawns. So i ate it. However, she did get a taste on Abalone Satay Celup! haha. Hope it was memorable for her! Go Go Melaka Food!

Lareina tries Satay Celup Melaka

Well that was pretty much my 6 weeks of roadshow. Was in Kedah, Perak, Melaka and Serdang & Bangi in 6 weeks. Not had much internet as relied solely on my GPRS and was to crazily slow to blog. Hope to do a write up on the Yellow Army camp soon. Should be an interesting one! Adios!




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