David Grandaddy Chitty turns 60..

It was not too long ago that my dad, Thevernaigam Veerasimir Chitty or more known by his peers as David Chitty turned 60. Relatives from KL & Singapore did not miss out on the joy and laughter as me dad did a small celebration in a Chinese Restaurant in Melaka called New Good World. Enjoy some snippets below 🙂
Daddy’s Big 60 Cake
Seated (Left-Right) : U Robert, Popo Konga, A Rose, Popo, Dad, Mum, A Sela
Standing (Left-Right) : Navind, Vivien, A Suku, A Cindy, U Bob, U Thiru & Me
Dad decided to ‘Dangdut’ somewhere in the middle of the dinner. Asked him the next day and he said that he had no memory about it at all.
Everyone will surely remember ‘ To love somebody, the way i love my wife’
Cuzzie Cheryl Tan Yin Yi enlightened us with Don McLean’s Vincent
Me cute cuzzie Zara Chitty with me & Mrs. P!
Mum & Dad enjoying the sounds of ‘ Ai Pia Ai Ciak Eh Ia’ – Hokkien Song
Dad’s Friend rendering his version of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’
Me entertaining as usual, but this time with Uncle Mesh’s Maton. Nice PIckup’s.
Dad’s Infamous YAM SENG! never ends.
Ramesh Chitty, new entertainer to the Chitty Family takes the stage.
Well, night ended with everyone enjoying themselves. Some people drank too much, some drank to little. Thank’s to Family, Friends & Apexians both from Malaysia & Singapore for making my dad’s birthday a joyous ocassion. Thank’s for making it happen for my dad. I’m sure he is extremy happy. Now that my little brother is having bottom’s up with dad, im sure he can proudly say ‘my children are all grown up now.’

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  1. Hi, Ravi was my primary school ACS classmate and fella soccer mate. Your dad was our fabulous coach then.

  2. hahaha my dad a soccer coach? this cant be right..

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