The Malaysia I Dream About!

September 16 is drawing close. The question in every BN supporter mind, will the proclaimed CROSS by DSAI take place? On the other hand, PR’s supporters and praying that it does. Speaking for myself, what worries me is not whether it takes place or not, but what will actually happen when it does? I took some time to think about what to post in accordance to the great POLITICAL TSUNAMI that’s taking place in Malaysia?

Just last night, i came to my senses and knew exactly what to write. I’m gonna write about the Malaysia i dream of. This post is solely to my discretion and has no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. However, i would like to dedicate this post to Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi & Possibly Prime Minister to be Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I feel whoever in power should explore the minds of what kind of Malaysia Malaysians dream of.

I grew up in a very OPEN non-Religious environment though my mum is of typical chinese parentage and my dad is a mixture of Melaka Chitty (Indian) and my grandmum from dad’s side was a chinese adopted into an Indian Family. That makes me Chindian (Chinese + Indian) or InChi (Indian + Chinese) as some prefer to call it. I was brought up in school following the teaching’s of St. John Baptist De La Salle as i was placed in St. Francis Institution, Melaka and i am proud of it as most of my statements to follow will be based on how i lived my life as a school kid.

Growing up, my mum has this pretty much typical chinese mentality and she relentlessly told me not to bring home a malay bride. Quote “Chinese, Indian, Orang Putih also can, but Malay don’t want”. I could not help but wonder why? Well. In primary school, my bestest of friend is Mohd. Salehuddin, whom i have lost contact with since he left for another school after primary. Spent pretty much time with him as he was a constant competitor with me in studies and sports. 🙂 memories do make me smile.. In reality, i grew up mixing well with all kinds of people be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portugese, and even non-locals. I have pretty good PR skills and that made me loved by most of my friends (chuckles). 

In Secondary school, puberty came in which BOYS started liking GIRLS and that look forward period to secondary 3 which we will be introduced to the female parts in Science Studies. Eventually, i grew  to like girls. 🙂 OK back to the issue here. In FACT, i find malay girls very attractive. They are well mannered and are said to be the very CARING for HUSBAND kind. However, because of my upbringing, i have never gone close to any. Growing up, i started understanding why my mum told me not to mix with malays. 

Malay’s make up probably 60% of the Malaysian population. Most malays i do mix with are as broad minded as i am on the matters of religion and racial harmony. However, although i am a non-religious person, i WILL NOT adapt another religion for the sake of marriage nor will i expect my future spouse to do the same. Isn’t marriage about love and life together? What is the good of religion if it forbids two people from being together happily? Isn’t religion all about discipline and the right way of life? Isn’t Religion suppose to help me be happy and good? On paper, i am labelled as a Hindu though i go to the temple probably less than twice a year, i still do. What if i was asked to go to church instead? can i not go to church and learn the teaching’s of Christ even though i am non christian? I actually could. The church would probably welcome me. But have you ever heard of a Non-Muslim going to the ‘Masjid’? Personally, i’ve not and i would feel strange doing so.

What would be the Malaysia for me? For every human being living in Malaysia to have the right to choose their religion when they are 18 or 21. For couples to be happily weded and choose the religion they want and for their children to choose their own religion when they grow up. For no RELIGION is bad. It’s just how people teach it. My Malaysia, where there will be no racial discrimination. Where i can choose to live with whoever i want without worrrying about what religion or name i should adapt, and that my children be able to do the same thing so that i do not have to tell my children to shun away the teaching’s of ISLAM as i believe ISLAM is great and ISLAM is good. But one should be given the right to choose and not being deprived of that right. When this happens, i dare say, i am not chinese, i am not malay, i am not indian, I AM MALAYSIAN!

I guess that’s why i love my job so much. When it comes to work and earning money, there is no such barrier. I have seen beauiful thing’s happen in Malaysia. I have seen beautiful children from beautiful mix parentage. However, i have yet to see the true ‘muhibah’ spirit.




Harmony lies in the hands of those who believe it can be done

Harmony lies in the hands of those who believe in it


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  1. It’s arguably good to read that somebody takes pride of his country. However, I would rather complain about so many things about the Philippines

  2. Den, well arguments will never stop. There will never be end. There never will be giving up. People are power crazy. However, what’s most important is we get GOOD out of our government.


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