Suddenly i feel like a MALAYSIAN Migrant..


I was born in Malaysia, My father was born in Malaysia, my Grandfather was born in Malaysia, yet somehow, a series of events and words used by some of our political leaders in Malaysia suddenly made me feel i am not Malaysian. Then what am i? Am i Indian because my Fore Fathers came to this land from India super duper long ago? What makes me less Malaysian? Is my blood different from other Malaysians? Do i not speak in the national language? Do i not love my country? Do i not respect the king and its law? Do i not work and spill my blood in the earth of Malaysia? WHAT????

Honestly, i do not know.. and i believe many Malaysians share the same fate as me. We grew up loving and working day & night for our country yet we still do not have the same priviledges the REAL MALAYSIANS have. They get discounts from buying property. They get higher priority to go into universities before we are considered. They get higher chance of getting government scholarships. Have we so called 1/2 Malaysians ever fought back or spilled blood for this matters? We have not. But yet, some people have to raise their ‘keris’ and some others have to call us imigrants. 

Dear leader’s of the country. I hope you understand that i am more Malaysian then some REAL MALAYSIAN you have in your country as I will not Condemn another race in Malaysia, i respect the diversity of cultures of the races in Malaysia. I celebrate Chinese New Year, Deepavali and even Christmas though i am not Christian. I love Malaysia, I love its people and i love its culture. 

So WHY? why do we have to be treated differently? Why are we not able to choose our path? Why do we have to be divided in law? What is Malaysia? Is it not a multi-racial harmonious country? At least that was what i was thought to believe in school. Seniors of the country, has Malaysia always been like that? or was it once a more loved country?

My dear leaders, if the Malaysia i see now is the Malaysia i will still see in the next 20 years, god forgive me but i would rather be a Sinaporean, or for that fact a Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Brazillian, Ameriacan, Nepalese, Thai or even and Indonesian, but i will slap myself if i can call myself or my children a Malaysian. Will i  always be a Malaysian Imigrant?



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