Melaysia & Their ISA!!!! or Our ISA???


Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), who can be said to be the voice of the ‘rakyat’ has been detained by the Internal Security Act. Teresa Kok & Tan Hong Teng (The Sin Chew reporter who had heard and wrote about Ahmad Ismail’s alleged comment on Chinese in Malaysia) has also been detained to keep RPK company.

Are you a supporter of Teresa Kok? As last i counted she won by the biggest majority in her constituency. Are you a so called fan of RPK? The possible next ‘Ghandhi’ who is willing to sacrifice his royal blood to be the voice of the ‘rakyat’? or are you at least one who supports freedom of journalism? Whichever you are, you are probably by now angry and disgusted by the arrest of the noble Malaysian and the 2 ‘imigrants’. 

I’d like to think i also have a larger calling just like these 3 Malaysians. However, i dare not say i am noble enough to do or say what they have done or wrote about. Honestly, i am just disgusted by the arrest of whoever speaks out loud. Who will be next?

Well, as a worried Malaysian, too afraid to Speak, Squeak & Roar, I’m just recommending you guys to read ‘and some of you say we are not a country in duress‘ and ‘Don’t fear a dying beast’s last strike, but don’t fall for its rouse either‘ or Teresa Kok held over ‘azan’ issue or The last days of BN or RPK’s Words of Wisdoms

Or if you feel like buffering a video and watching what the world media is showing off Malaysia, watch the following video. I admit, it almost brought me to tears. Why Malaysia? Why my Malaysia?


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  1. I totally agree with the views and perception of Mr P! Ya, lately our government has done many things that in our views as people is really really not appropriate in this time. Some snobbish MPs speaks louder than action, like the one who’s father in law is “you know who” in government. So arrogant and snobbish that you cant believe he is actually a graduate from some oxford uni. The present government did not strive to make our country a better place to live in, but trying to defend each other from those mistakes that they had commited before, not to say working together to try to condemn one person. Some even utter racist remarks in the precense of our own deputy prime minister, where the latter apologises and the former defiant. Is that acceptable?? In past the opposition had a really tough time because our own people is swayed by empty promises made by our leaders. Now, our people want a change!! If we wan our country to be a peaceful country that everybody can live in, then we need to vote for a change, to eliminate those supposedly leaders which do nothing, and support those leaders who really are doing things..

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