Hannah Yeoh – My SUPERHERO!


YB Puan Hannah Yeoh  Member of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly for Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh.jpg
Aside all the rescent ‘POLITRICS’ happening in our beloved Malaysia, i’d like to take this chance to rethink about what has been done and what real positive changes has been made since March 8th. I’ve been following a lot on a few particular members of the parliment and state legislative assembly representatives but found non more interesting than the lady that sparked my interest in making change, YB Puan Hannah Yeoh.  Why some may ask? Is it because she’s beautiful? (partly YES) or why? why do i salute this young and vibrant beautiful lady?
I never actually believed in the Malaysian Politics, as growing up, i’m always told ‘it cannot change’ so why bother? i would think it is alike with many youths around my era. (Wake up, 8th March was the proof’ that ‘impossible is nothing’. Because my getting old cousin Nathaniel got active in Politics, and me uncle & aunty having a busy time following him when he gives ‘ceramas’, i tagged along whenever i could just to ease the burden of me uncle & aunty (what a nephew eh?) Anyway, till then i was still skeptical about what could possibly happen? Those who knows me knows that i am a pretty well good judge of characther. I like to analyze people when i see them. And this is how i analyze her. Hannah, no offense. 🙂 Just speaking my mind but this is really what i though of you.
Speaks : The truth, from the heart, Really wants to make a difference
Presentation : Very rehearsed. Leg movements, hand movements, slow words, all rehearsed. Can improve
Key Points : Strong & Vibrant. Sincere and Caring.
Do i believe her at that time? YES
Do i think she’s hot? YES 🙂
Anyway, elections are over and gone. Time flew and things changed. To date, DSAI & Pakatan Rakyat are still politicking away. Trying to do their best to topple the goverment. But in the blue, some might have forgotten this Democratic Action Party Representative Hannah Yeoh, but i have not, and therefore, i am posting to share with you how wonderful i think she is. For those who reads her blogs, you can see that after the elections, she has done MIRACLES in Subang Jaya. Here’s My TOP 10 LIST of HANNAH YEO’s Moments as AssemblyWoman of Subang Jaya
Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends. amidst all the politicking, she is putting actions in her mouth. She is really making a difference. She is HANNAH YEOH, assemblywoman of Subang Jaya. She is the kind of assemblewoman i want. This is the kind of people who really dedicate themselves into making a difference. And while other politicians may die trying to fight for a better Malaysia and be forgotten, Subang Jaya’s residents will always remember HANNAH YEOH for really making a real difference in their lifes. HANNAH, you have touched hearts with your dedication. If ever you loose the spirit to fight, i hope this post will reach you somehow and remind you that YOU HAVE DONE WONDERS when others are merely trying. You are the role model not only to the ppl of SJ. YOu are my SUPERHERO!
PS: Nat thinks you & Ram will have beautiful children like us as we are chindians too, happy to be chindians of Malaysia. When can we be real Malaysians? 




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  1. oh you might end up in trouble for this one, lol 😛 🙂

  2. Care to elaborate nat? sounds like i’m gonna be RAMmed.. 🙂

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