New DiGizen Friends…

Well, its been 2 weeks and i’ve chosen so far not to disclose where i shifted my work too. Reason was i was not too sure whether it was good to shout about it or whether it was better to be subtle about it. Anyway, 2 weeks have gone and i’ve been getting good support from colleagues and friends. So, what the heck, yes, i’m a new recruit at DiGi. I’m sorry i’ve not been blogging for a while. However, i think noone would be affected as i have not had any real complaints, since i know for fact that most of you just stop, read and go. Don’t even care to comment a bit. Darn!

Anyway, since i’m sick and don’t feel like doing work while i am on my comfy bed & finally feel like blogging, i’d like to take this chance to write about my colleagues at DiGi. Comments are thoroughly personal and does not mean to offend anyone. Every word said is meant positively.

How would i describe my new colleagues @ DiGi? (Maximum 5 words)

In No Particular Order of people who sit around me..

  1. Eric Siew – ‘Thinks Damm Hard’
  2. Paul Wong – ‘He’s Da Man’
  3. Shaun Sigfried – ‘Tickles & Giggles’
  4. Joyce Gan – ‘Crazy Little Thing’
  5. Geoffrey (Boss) – ‘Needs No Sleep’
  6. Celia – ‘Scary when Angry’
  7. Schrene – ‘Too Good To Be True’
  8. Amelia – ‘Too Hot to Handle’
  9. Jenny – ‘Grrrrrrrrrr (cat style)’
  10. Mark Darren – ‘Scouser’
  11. Andy – ‘Behing the computer’
  12. Lareina – ‘Dont mess with her’
  13. Jeanette – ‘Prashan ur not funny’
  14. MK – ‘Hardly speaks’
  15. Eugene – ‘Always So Sweet’
  16. Ajun – ‘Happy Go Lucky’
  17. Theresa (Ms. T) – ‘ Sweetest Little Thing’
  18. Diana – ‘Needs no introduction’
  19. Sunil – ‘Works too hard’
  20. Adeline – ‘Vroom Vroom..’
I’m leaving this post with 20 names. Will add on as i meet new people. Happy working Prashan
PS: Weather is causing my miserable throat and nose to give me problems again! Get well soon Prashan
Take care yawl.
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About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. bro, u finally got accepted as the yellow man….. any chance of us seeing u on tv in the yellow suit? kakkakakaa….

  2. bro..wassup
    ooo u work wif DiGi ….. aiyaa y u didnt tell me ahhh…
    can get free topup ahh..hahahahaaa

    good laa u work wif DiGi bcoz u r da great bro…
    any how have vacancy ahhhh….

    ok lah, im chaow 1st n keep in touch dont Touch N Go hahahaha….

  3. dudes.. i did not get accepted as a yellowman la.. pictures just an explanation of one big yellow fella caring for the other.. just like how my lovely colleagues care for me..

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