Happy Raya DiGizens

The build up to my weekend was quite fun. On late Wednesday evening, got a call requesting for me to emcee DiGi’s 2008 Internal Raya Open House. Hesitant at first as it was 2 days away and i have never in my life emcee’ed a Raya event before. Moreover, i was told i need to get my Baju Melayu! Dang!!! as hlsiew would say. However, was also told that doing favours internally would be good to build bridges so i thought to myself, what the heck… let’s give it a try! This is how i end up looking.

Notice how we have very beautiful girls working in DiGi? haha it makes working more fun. All not available ones, but are all fairly nice people to befriend. Girl in Nonya outfit is Schrene Goh. She’s from MELAKA! melaka girls rawks big time.. 🙂 The one in red is Beverly. Hardly see her dress up but on that day, she was dressing up to kill… and last but not least, the girl in white, one of the most targeted girls in DiGi. Beautiful eh? she’s smart and elegant too. Quote Paul Wong ‘Please wait in line dude’… Anyway, never spoke many words to her yet, but the few words exchange we had, showed that she’s nicer then i think. Haha.. first impression is she’s posh and arrogant.. but who am i to judge? =) If u happen to read this Janice, i did not judge you on purpose.

Anyway, Raya open house ended at about 5PM and that was where my scary adventures to the north started. Was suppose to leave for Penang at about 6PM for work. However, due to POSM’s not ready, it got delayed to 9PM.  It was the longest 4 hour drive to Penang as it was dark, raining cats and dogs and it was late night. Was tired and sleepy. Uncle Paul kept me entertained by calling me every hour. Thanks Paul!

Was suppose to get back from Penang on Sunday but as too much matters were arising there, had to put up another night. Things got better on Monday, and therefore i left Penang at about 5PM. This is where the story gets more interesting. Had enough petrol in my car for half the journey home. Petrol low indications flashed before Tapah. Normally, upon flashing, i’ve tried going until about 60KM’s before refilling. At Tapah stop (approx 30KM’s later) i stopped to re-fill & guess what? NO PETRONAS! and me being greedy for my 5X Treatpoints from Maybank, decided to go to the next stop thinking there would be one near. Sign showed next stop, 48KM’s. I thought, maybe it was ok. So drove on till it was about 72KM’s after indication. Driving at 130KM/H, my car engine shut down. I thought to myself, ‘Im So Fucked!’

Car was slowing down, car was still powered up but engine shut itself done. Now that’s new to me. When you run out of petrol, your engine dies and leaves your car to cruise even if you are in gear. Now thats why we say Technology saves lives. I hope all cars are alike. If not, hats up to my MyVi as that was what it did. As i was slowing down, i thought, why not try to restart the engine and therefore i turned the ignition. True enough, engines came back on. I was 8KM away from the next stop. I drove and pick up a little speed. However, when i hit 100KMPH, engine slowed down by itself, attempting to shut down again. I then realised that there was a mechanism in my Myvi that shuts down my engine and sets a maximum speed for security reasons. Cool right? this means that if you are almost out of petrol, your Myvi will actually execute a mechanism that puts your maximum speed at 100KMPH before it kills your engines. It is both for security and also to give you maximum mileage with the petrol you have left.

Thank God i reached Petronas about 5 KM’s later. Pumped full tank and sped home again. Scary experience but at least at the end of the day, i learned what my car could do in time of needs. Kudos Perodua! =)

Sincere apologies for disjointed time of bloggings. Hope to resume more post in the soonest time. I wanna blog about my colleague Amelia soon… words playing in my mind on what to write. She’s rather interesting. much to write.

Anyway, im just glad im back in KL in 1 piece and back at home of my loved ones. Sorry for not spending enough time with bb. Loads of love! (Mr. P!)


About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. Bro, need to circumcise before wearing songkok?

  2. u got tat right prashan. melaka girls ROCKS!!!! big time!!! lol ;]

  3. eh kelly..u got ur name wrongly spelled la.. 🙂 i heard about some new love…bila introduce?

    Ian, no need la.. janji the girls suka.. =)

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