OBAMA – New Dawn for America, New Hope for Malaysia

Cousin Nathaniel Tan at http://jelas.info wrote quite an intriguing post last night on revolutionary new US President Barrack Obama. A few points he wrote that i’d like to highlight.

Obama’s win did not only mark a new dawn in America, but hope for change in the whole world where the government should be afraid of its Tax Payers and not vice versa. I applaude Pakatan Rakyat for having the courage of challenging the govenment. How did their challenge actually made a difference?

Well, remember this. Before Pakatan Rakyat, noone would dare talk about Korek Korek Korek, or C4 Who? Before Pakatan Rakyat, where were we? the Rakyat? Don’t you realise that the now situation is improving as the rakyat’s woes are being more listened to? Quote Nat ‘ Its not about having a non-malay Prime Minister but about having a Good Prime Minister’.

Therefore, i really do not care if Pakatan does not win government now or anytime soon. What matters is that they have put their life in front of the Rakyat’s and they are fighthing for our rights knowing the fight will be a journey ahead. At least the govenment now knows that it is important to make us, the Rakyat Happy!

And therefore, Congratulations Mr. President. I hope your courage and determination will be fruitful and that it will bring new hope to the new generation in believing that there can be a better tomorrow. I know that it will not be an easy journey for you to make America a better place as it will not be easy to make change. However, keep your vision to serve the people in your heart and it will all be alright. At least, the people are behind you. Good luck to Obama & good luck to DSAI for Malaysia.


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