A New perception of LOVE. A Better one..

This would be the a first movie review on my blog. Never done it before and will doubfully ever do it again. However, am blogging not about the movie, but about the stories of the 4 girls in the movies. The writer of the storyline is brilliant. Made me re-think back some things that i might have said in the past or some things that has been said to me in the past and its significance to LOVE.

Just like music, a lot of people watch or listen to it but few really pa attention to the message it is carrying. In the case of Sex & The City the Movie, i believe the value that the movie is trying to bring out is how LOVE and relationships are suppose to be 2 ways and not 1. In the real world today, people often POINT fingers at others when things go wrong. This happens especially in relationships. When a guy breaks up with the girl, he is in the wrong. When he cheats on the girl, he is in the wrong, when he promises and does not live up to the promises, he is in the wrong. IT IS JUST SO STREREOTYPE!

Ever heard of the term it takes 2 hands to clap. There is always 2 sides to a story and it is normally when both sides are not good that bad things follow up and happen. 

I sincerely like the part when Carrie read Vogue on Valentines Day and realised that all she was ever talking about prior to her marriage was how SHE would look good and how SHE thinks the marriage would go and how SHE wants the wedding to be done. what ever happened to HE?

Well guys are sellfish to sometimes.. I always picture myself planning a lovely wedding for my future wife. Planning for it to be how she would dream it would be and putting elements where i like and i know she would like. i mean, what if there was something i want and she doesn’t? what would happen then? I have always thought this was how i should show my love. Today, Sex & The City proved me wrong. I cannot make these decisions by myself. I cannot ASSUME that this is what my girlfriend wants. Coz when i ASSUME, i will totally make an ASS of U and ME. She would probably want me to have the things i want although she might not like it. She probably would as she loves me as much..but what good would it do if we both do it without first talking about it? I realise now that these decisions are to be made both ways. Only when the two people can share ONE HOPE, ONE DREAM and AGREE on the same things even if it means compromising, would there be LOVE. Shermaine, thanks for being a wonderful girlfriend. U know although i don’t always sound like i mean it, I do love you. =)


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