WHOIS Irene Fernandez?

Happened to have a quick listen to Irene Fernandez in the March 2008 Malaysian General Elections and she was one of those people who was going around giving FREE Ceramah’s in Pakatan Rakyat’s held Ceramah’s. Not many Ceramah givers caught my attention as if  a political speaker was giving a ceramah, he or she will be condemming the government without any actions. Sorry to say but yeah, thats normally the case. 

irene fernandez 13 year court battle 241108

However, there were a minority of speakers who were speaking their disgust with the governance of the country based on their experience. One of these people was Irene Fernandez. I listened very closely to what she had to say in Subang Jaya for Hannah and Gwo Burne. Irene’s spoke not about the injustice of the legal system in Malaysia and how going the government would mean digging your own grave. Anyway, at that time, i did not know her story. I was not really interested in politics before March 2008. I had to worry more about my rice bowl. But coming to think of it, if we have good governance, i wont have to worry as much.. hmmm could it be a political plot? 

Anyway, Irene’s rescent acquital from her 13 Year Court Battle was in the limelight lately and i thought i’d share with you guys what a marvelous person she is. She is one who speaks for people. One of those with a greater calling. One who believes the world is greater then herself. One that would make the necessary sacrifices for her country and in what she believes in. Irene Fernandez, glad you have been disCHARGED.

Anyway, I’m quite glad that the Global Oil Price is taking a dip as it sure releases the ‘Rakyat’s’ burden. And Kudos to the government to be dropping it (AS IT SHOULD) for us consumers. However, just a note to whoever hike up the prices to 2.70 previously.. THE DAMAGE DONE IS NOT BEING RECOVERED. BRINGING PETROL PRICE DOWN is GOOD but WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER THINGS? HAVE THEY GONE DOWN? Sometimes making bad decisions and trying to recover it is not so smart right?

Anyway, im not sure which reporter raised the question to Irene on whether she feels gratitude towards the AG for acquitting her. BULLSHIT!!! If someone were to ask me if i felt gratitude for  being released froma charge that was not suppose to be in the first place after taking me for a 13 year merry go round ride, i’ll not say a work but just point out my middle finger. Anyway, again, Irene, i hope this will motivate you to continue your battle against Evil. May the force be with you…

Anyway, thank you wordpress for making me 59th top growing blog last week. 🙂 I feel honored. 



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