Underground Christmas! (My tribute post to the Christmas i missed)

Ever missed your dream christmas? well i have. It sucks as i did not know that it even happened. You see last year, Tuck & Patti, Jeremy Monteiro & Paul Ponnudorai gathered together in the Singapore Esplanade for a night of Jazzy Christmas and i did not know about it until after it happened!!!!

A Jazzy Christmas A Jazzy Christmas A Jazzy Christmas

Argh!!! Two nights ago i was sitting down in Isthmus Northpoint Mid Valley for a function alongside smashingMark & Elaine Fireangel and we were chit chatting. Then i overheard Isthmus playing Time After Time (Tuck & Patti’s version). Excellent. Made my day! after a long day of work, i could relax to good music. Then i remembered the Christmas Concert i missed last year.. and since Christmas is around the corner, i thought i’d share some peaks of the Christmas i missed.

Tuck & Patti is a duo group which i consider one of the most outstanding and 2 piece bands around the world. They travel the world with just Tuck’s guitar and Patti’s voice and creates passion for music wherever they go. Last year, they stopped by in Singapore to do a Christmas gig with my HERE Meastro Paul Ponnudorai and Johny Monteiro. And I MISSED IT!!!

Anyway, for those who love music, here’s what i missed. Help me sulk over it! Here’s Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

And here’s Go Tell It on The Mountain

And for those who would like to know further who these people are, here’s a small video review.

Tuck Andress – Man In The Mirror

Tuck & Patti – Time After Time

And for those who would want to know who Paul Ponnudorai my hero is, just have a read on the special article i wrote about him. You can find it linked in one of my blog pages. 🙂

Merry Christmas All,

What i want for Christmas? How about an SMS from all my long lost friends wishing me Merry Christmas and how about a hug from my friends who bump into me near Christmas. I sure do  miss all the good old Melaka Christmas days! Counting down to Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!


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  1. I has stumbled on you! haha didn’t know you had a blog too LOL!

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