Alfred Ho goes Guerilla to survive…

Sunday was quite a saddening day.. Went over to Amcorp Mall to do reccee of the place for work. While walking, i stumbled upon a familiar voice. It was music i have heard before. Music my mum use to play on our Hi-Fi. Quickly i just moved closer to the watching crowd and i squeezed myself in. I saw Alfred Ho, Malaysia’s most prominent BLIND GUITARIST cum VOCALIST and he was sitting down playing to a 10 person crowd which was dancing and singing along to his music. 


FOr those who has not heard of Alfred, he’s a Malaysian Blind Folkish Acoustic Musician. He plays and sings and has to date recorded probably 4 albums. He does covers of English & Hokkien songs. Anyway, use to love his guitaring as he reminds me of Jose Feliciano. Nice voice, not bad licks and a very good heart. Unfortunately for Alfred, there is not much of a following for him in Malaysia and the industry for English Music is not that much of a shout out. I would have supported Alfred by buying an album if i did not already have 2 of his albums. So for those of you who supports the Malaysian English Music Industry, start by buying their ORIGINAL CD’s. Next time you spot this guy anywhere, he’s a recording artist. His name is ALFRED HO! Please buy his CD. =) Alfred, if anyone spots this and tells you what i have written, i can only wish you for the better. I support you… & i do love your version of Suku Suku!



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  1. Salute him!

    And norah jones music r amazing 🙂

  2. WOW.. bro i’ve heard of this legend… Its nice of you writing bout him…he does hav a gr8 voice… well he reminds me of Ray Charles… Check out his blog .. he also has a great intrest in POLITIC… I support him too….

  3. Tash : I love Norah too.. she must have gotten the talent from her father. Do you know who he is? 🙂

    Maanoj : Will sure check his blog out.. cant believe an sight impaired person can play the guitar abd blog eh? 🙂 hahahaha…

  4. Is he an indian or chitty or something?? I’ve heard before, if i not mistaken…Like his has some kind of indian name… or am i wrong …

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