Why are you the way you are? (Automatic Robotic Behaviour)

For those who know me well, you would have known that i made quite huge advancements in life in 2008. Today, i suddenly feel like sharing my secrets so that more people can change for the better.

Back in 2007, i was involved in this project called the Yellow Army. Through this project, i was reunited with a guy called U2Kumar. For those who have attended the Art Of Learning, you would probably know who U2 is. I’ve been a high achiever most of my life. I’ve done great things in very short period’s of time. However, i dare say that through watching U2 motivate other’s, i have really brought myself to another level hence landing me where i am today. 

You see, U2 shared this concept called PATTERNS. He further explained that nowadays, our life is patterned by people around us. For example, we wake up every morning and me go to the toilet. Do we really have to? sometimes we dont. But, because we have been doing it all the while, our bady has patterned itself to doing so every morning. Relating it back to deeper meaning, in our work place, we have also been patterned to do a certain thing and by just doing what is asked of us, we are complying to our patterns.

So friends, this is as much as an advice i could give. If you are working in an environment that you do not like, but am still doing it for the sake of doing it, what you really need to do is really take a step out of yourself (like taking your soul out of your body), relook at yourself, your achievements and your identity then ask yourself, are you proud of where you are now? If you are, then stay PATTERNED & if you are not, i think it’s time to CHANGE YOUR PATTERNS.

Do not let yourself be automated by your surroundings. Take charge of your life. Take a step out of your comfort zone and make a difference. In 

2008, i did just that and i managed to unleash some potential in me that i never thought i have. Through U2’s seminar, i learned also to be in control of the qualities i have and make full use of it. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE yourself. 

Good luck in making a difference in your life. Good luck in living your dreams. I wish you all the best. Remember, if all fails, at least you did TRY to make a difference. Never regret trying to achieve higher things.



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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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