When is ENOUGH ever ENOUGH? – expectations

Just like i wrote in my previous post, my life has taken quite a change from 2007-2008-2009. I remember the days when i told myself that a WIRA would be the best wheels for me. However, ended up with a Kenari as my first car. Just last year, got myself of a MyVi SE. Excellent wheels. 

Myvi New Front BumperDuring that period of time, i became more financially stable and had some extra bucks to spend every month. Got my sound system in my car fixed up with a 2 Din LCD player (CHINA MADE). Time went past and just a couple of months back i was involved in a BANG A DOG accident and that got me to start having interest in Body Kits.  Therefore, in December i manage to get my Body Kit changed. Not too bad. Now what was missing? i’ve got good sound & a relatively good body kit. What was missing was really speed & Roar. Checked up the internet and realised that i could install a PASSO Turbo engine on my MyVi. Am i interested? HELL YES! but not just yet. Possibly when my engine gets runned down in a couple of years time.

You see, when  i was earning about 50% of what i am earning now, my expectations were much lower. Now, it has gone higher. I’m kinda doing some upgrade on myself at the moment. Going through a lifestyle change. Good or Bad? it really depends on how you see it.

THinking back, maybe i don’t need speed, i don’t need sound and i don’t need a nice bodykit. I just really needed a car. But still, it was just because i could afford it. So i JUST DID IT! 🙂

With the economic turn over and people loosing jobs and budget cuts, i guess i’d have to be more careful with my spending. To those who dream big, i’d like to say do not invest unless and until you can sustain your spending power. Honestly, the higher you put your expectations on yourselves, the harder you have to work.

ALWAYS MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS with your INCOME.. Spend on what you can. You deserve it as you worked hard for your money. But do remember that you should only spend on what you can afford. Remember, when you have second halves, expenditure always increases but this does not mean that your other half cannot understand your spending power. Bring it up, chat it up. If your other half cannot understand the hard work you put in for your money or he/she cannot understand that you simply cannot buy her stuffs, then he/she is JUST NOT WORTH BEING your second half. You would deserve someone better!!!!!!!!

Going to head downstairs for companies BONUS announcement soon. Again, expectation is sending thrillers down my veins. However, be it super less then what i would expect, or none at all, i will just count it as a blessing. Maybe i should work harder for my money next year. After all, i’ve only been in my new company for 3 months plus & i should feel happy that they are counting me in for pro-rated bonus. So NO COMPLAINS!!! just work harder. :)GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!


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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. becareful of humps, they break bodykits and also apartment slopes to park upstairs, they kill bodykits too.

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