Perak Perak Perak!

Spotted a pretty disturbing video on Nat’s site this evening,and i thought that it’s finally time for me to write word or two on the current situation in Perak. Before i continue to give my 2 cents, why don’t you sit back and watch what has Perak turned into due to the current political crisis..

If the women of Perak is taking it to the streets, i’d really imagine that people must be pretty unhappy about things that are happening. Looking at things from a neutral point of view, who would i blame for the current crisis? Anwar Ibrahim? Najib? Abdullah? Pakatan Rakyat? BN? Nope.. not at all…i’d blame the defecto representatives.

If any of the 4 of you happen to read this? read my lips.. SCREW YOU!!! if you have a reason to defact, and you think the Pakatan Rakyat government is not good for you and the people you represent, then hold a PRESS CONFERENCE and tell the people WHY????? Explain the reasons you have lost faith in your party and how defacting to the BN would help your people.

Instead, what you do is you BETRAY the trust of your voters… BETRAY the belief the ‘rakyat’ has on you, and you let poor and innocent people take their protest to the streets, and you let poor women loose their kids and husbands in the lock ups and getting hurt and you risk the lives of the people whom you represent. 

Karpal Singh’s latest statement on how he feels Anwar has a part to play in all this defacting business carries some weight. I would have to agree. I’d say the same thing if a BN rep would want to defact. Get your facts least 50% of the people voted into power were based on people’s trust in their political parties. Only a handfull are voted in because of the trust people have in them as an individual. So if you are going to freaking make a move that will impact people under your constituency, at least give them a little respect and tell them in the open why…

I really hope non of you have defacted for a price. It would really have been a shame. I asked myself. Would i do such a thing if i was offered RM 10,000,000.00?? loads of  ZERO’s right? anyway, i guess my final answer would be NO. I would not defact. worst case scenario is i would take the money and resign and dissapear. Let the people re-elect and see if they would re-ellect me under my new party. 

My heart lies with the people who have been brought into custody. I hope that the Sultan of perak does reconsider. As a leader of Perak, the least he can do in a situation like this is to let the people re-ellect the people they believe in. In this case, i do hope that the integrity of our leaders have not been compromised. My hopes are with the women and children of Perak. My prayers are with hopes that your husbands and children will come back to you soon. Let’s hope that their suffering would be worth something.


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