Raymond Chia – Keyboardist Extrodinaire



Keyboard Player and Vocals
Email: raycycle@gmail.com

Mobile : 012-657 6069

Raymond Chia specializes in Country Music and plays in pubs as well as does private functions in Malaysia. Looking for a Wedding Singer? or is Country or Retro Music the theme for your corporate functions? Look no further, not only is he for hire, he has contacts with some of the best performing  bands in KL and can also hook you up with sound system and equipments. Ray’s your man. Here are some details about Raymond that i managed to pull from a production company called Deathstar who released a compilation CD about 2-3 years ago which featured Raymond backing up for his pal Gerard Singh.

Raymond Chia started his musical career in 1991 with a 3 piece Strolling and Stage Band named RAIN RHYTHM. In 1993 RAIN RHYTHM changed their name to the SOUTHERN REIGN BAND. The Southern Reign Band repertoire includes Country,Rock n Roll,Oldies,Retro,Classic Rock and also songs from the 60’s and 70’s. The Southern Reign Band later became a household name among friends and fans of Country and Western music. Besides being a Vocalist and Keyboardist, Raymond also arranges the songs and vocal harmony for the band. Other Instruments he played includes fiddle, Blues Harp and the Rhythm Guitar.

He left Southern Reign Band in 2002 to pursue his Solo career. He also played regularly as a Duo with Sherman Tan and ocassionally with Gerard Singh. His ability to sing and perform different kinds of music( pop, classic rock, country, retro, jazz etc…) has made him a much sought after musician for Private Functions and Corporate Events.

One of the Major highlights of his music career is when he Won the 2nd Runner Up for the Group Category at the Carlsberg CenterStage Competition( formerly known as Carlsberg Top of the Pubs Competition) with Sherman Tan in 2003. He has also performed vocal sessions for Gerard Singh’s debut Album SLICE OF THE PIE which was nominated for 2 awards in the Malysian A.I.M. awards in 2005.



He has performed in many Corporate Functions which includes Shell, Fuji Xerox, ICI Paints and many more. Some of the venues he has performedat are in Hotels and Pubs in Kuala Lumpur and here are a  slection of them: Crossroads,Merchant Pub,The Pub,Concorde,Federal,Holiday Villa Hotels and Uncle Chilli’s,Hard Rock Cafe,Bernards,Ronnie Q,La Bodega,1957,Talking Heads, Waikiki,Backyard, The Reef,Titus Blues Pub and many more….

 Sample Music

Here’s a video of Raymond on fiddle and keyboards during his show with Paul Ponnudorai in The Singapore Esplanade Waterfront

Here’s Raymond with his Deep Country Vocals. 


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  1. Raymond Chia Raycycle

    Thanks for the kind words and for the blog, although I feel I don’t deserve this… Much Appreciated. I am lucky to have my family and good friends for their support. And I believe there’s still much more to learn about music. By the way, I no longer use my raycycle3333@yahoo mail. My current email is raycycle@gmail.com. Thanks again and have a good week.

  2. Ray, life is a learning cycle. The day we stop learning is the day we die.. 🙂 but you should be proud of your achievements so far. At least i’m proud to have you as a friend. Continue making music with your soul my brother.

  3. actually i like women wedding singers comapared to male wedding singers, the female voice is awesome ;

  4. if you want to hire some good wedding singers, always look for a singer with a background in classical music ;,`

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