Jazz & Bits, Live Music In Ipoh

Updated 21st October : Sadly, Jazz & Bits has since closed

Hi everyone…i’m back in KL… finally after 3 weeks of roadshow’s, i’m finally getting some rest back home..This post is dedicated to people who

1. Loves Live Music

2. Travels to Ipoh for some reason

When i was in Ipoh last week, managed to pop by this place called Jazz & Bits. What happened was i googled Live Music Ipoh and it landed me on their website. I clicked, viewed the location, and decided to take a drive down that night.

This is a chain of events that happened.

Day 1 : Walked into the pub, quite empty as it was a weekday, watched 2 guys do some acoustic stuff. Young, talented but still raw. Decided to get a 5 bottled bucket of tiger as it was for RM48 and the waiter said i could park it there… imagine, parking BEER? cool… Wanted to go home after my first beer but some guy started playing Celine Dion on their projector screen. I quickly asked..’you have anything more old school?’ the guy there, Jerry said ‘of course’ wanna hear Graceland? i said you have CCR? he says i have John Fogerty.. Sweet.. 10 minutes later i shifted to the bar to drink with the regulars there. Nice bunch of people.

Day 2 : After work, tired…walked into the bar late after having a late chat with my darling. Band was playing, more regulars was around. Titus said, hey bro, why not do a couple of songs? well.. thats what i did, went on stage and did some music.. 🙂 LEFT my bracelet there as i left for Penang the next day

3 days later : Returning from Penang, decided to stop by for a beer and collect my bracelet. Had dinner there and had a couple of beers. Before i left, some ‘ppl’ came into the bar and Jerry asked if i could do a few numbers as they were some ‘networked’ ppl. I said, argh.. (looking at my watch) OK maybe 3 songs… ended up playing about 7 songs.

Packed up and quickly left at just after midnight heading back to KL. LONG DRIVE!!!

Overall, it’s THE ONLY PLACE IN IPOH YOU CAN GET DESCENT LIVE MUSIC. SO if you’re there, do drop by for a look see. If you’re from Ipoh and you wanna catch an International class act, Jazz & Bits will be hosting AKASHA on 14th March 2009.  Do stop by and have a look if you’re around.. Thanks to Jerry & Titus for your hospitallity. Keep up the work in educating music lovers in Ipoh. LOng and windy road, but its a larger calling then most ppl can understand..

Those who can’t find the way, do contact Titus at 012 5209 411


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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. Hei Buddy,
    Thanks for the review, the regulars are waiting for your return and want to invite their friends. The Akasha gig was a huge success, the band and the folk had a brilliant time. Pictures here


    Oh Yes, beer at RM40.00 for you for your future visit.

    See you soon.

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