Playing For Change – Stand By Me

Was sent this via email by Ringo earlier today.. thought it would be nice to share this piece of video… The improvisions are pretty nice.. and in the starting, the guy’s words were quite powerful.. no matter how powerful or rich you are, someday, you’ll need someone to stand by you..

And the beauty is, the video is put together through combination of buskers playing all around the world.. classic..


Here’s Stand By Me by Playing For Change Foundation

Here’s another song called One Love

Did a little more research about the Playing For Change foundation and found wonders. The videos were created by a group of people who are trying to connect the world through music. They are preaching about how you can make love instead of war. Give people a change to enjoy music no matter where they are. Noble acts. They have released a CD on Amazon. I’ll buy it from the racks if i see it. Would you?

I’d love to play music to promote world peace…wouldn’t you?

All the best to those at Playing For Change Foundation (PFCF)


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