DiGi Yellow Army goes from g2G (good2Great)


Having being involved in this project since 2007, it has changed a great deal of my life. From an expert, to the program director, to now being a part of the team behind the brains of this project, i surely have changed. I have accepted the challenges with a strong heart, and today i am proud to say that I AM A YELLOW ARMY, inside and outside!

Late last month, we gathered our Yellow Army team in our HQ once again for a Passion Drive, this time, to build  ‘Total Creative Team Leaders’.

Learnt some new stuff again this time from U2 Kumar. This time, we went from Good to Great. 

To the Yellow Army out there, be stong.. hopefully, with all the braincells i killed trying to derive a better and stronger platform for you guys this year, we can indefinitely grow from Good To Great.

I want all of you to know that i share as much love for this program as many of you and will do everything i can to make your dreams possible.. possibly sometime soon, some of you might be sitting just next to me? Can happen? why not??? we already have Stella on board for her internship… hopefully more will come soon!!!

Feel free to drop me emails and SMS’es if you guys feel down yeah.. Remember, FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.. Only if you overcome your FEAR, will you discover the power of your mind and go into great heights!!!!

Here’s a storyboard of what we did…

On 27th March, 70 Yellow Armies met up in DiGi’s Town Hall for team building.. these were how they looked like when we gathered..


And as the day progressed, this is what happened



And by the time we were through with them, we turned 15 universities into 1 team of Yellow Army


And through the 3 days, we fostered friendship…


We garnered LOVE..


We conquered our FEAR

fear11    fear21

Along the way, earth hour popped up…so we turned off all our lights to show support towards global warming.. 


And at the end of the training, some people learned to thrust a straw through a potato


But most importantly, we all had fun.. and NOBODY can deny that. I’m sure this team this year, is going to CHALLENGE THE NORM, and bring DiGi closer to the hearts of their friends and family, especially in their university!!

Go Go!! Yellow Army!!


Met a few very interesting new people during this time camp namely Evelyn & Cindy (crazily happening and full of passion), and of course the bunch from last year, Zul, Kabilan, Alvin, Joel, Sanjeev, Mugi, Jia Min & so many others i can’t remember names now.. i wish u guys all the best for ur future undertakings..keep in touch yeah.. dont forget to remember me when you succeed in life next time =X 


About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. hi hi mr.p…
    i am proud tat i am 1st to leave comment…:D
    well…my blog is comin up…will update thru FB…
    anyway..great blog…i love it..:D
    kip in touch yeah…will remember the cute mr .p…:D

  2. thanks for leaving ur comments eve.. 🙂 wait for ur blog post k?? =)

  3. Grreaatt topic!
    U2 kumar always boost my motivation.
    Now,nothing to FEAR anymore.
    Lets make our YA greater than grreaat,yeah!

  4. Yo Bro!

    Wat a Fantastic Programme!

    Although i don’t know the Big Picture and what you guys all did but from the pics and the text.

    Great Concept!

  5. Syaaban : Challenge!!!!!

    Chan : Thanks.. 🙂

  6. Mr.P!!! haha!
    I’m so happy that u remember my name yo… and your words really touching me..
    I think all the people in the camp also going “KRAZY”.. not only me and eve.. lolx! XD
    And I feel proud to be a part of YELLOW ARMY! It’s really Grreat!!
    BOOOOM! (voice aerobic) XD

  7. Cindy.. of course i remember.. 🙂

    Let’s Rock TARC this year k?

  8. Mr P!!!

    Was having a GREAT time there!!! from good to GREAT!! WE will rock our campus sOonnnn……

    *conquer the FEAR, conquer the death! *

  9. ya, sure!! Together GogoGO!!! XD

  10. hai mr.p!! commander camp was so much fun… though i get fever after the camp,i dun mind.. it was sooooooo much fun and i really learn a lot.. it does worth all those braincells that u kill..ahhaa… but where can i grab all those pics??? love to have them..

    *f0r tHiNgs To chaNg3,i mUst cHang3 FirSt!!!!!!!!& 🙂

  11. Damn i would have loved to join la… jealous liao

  12. thanks for all the comments.. cecilia, let’s change together.. govind, how come u never? =)

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