Domestic Flights : Air Asia or Malaysian Airlines (MAS)?

It’s been a while since i last posted anything. Been driving and flying around for the past 3 weeks or so and it’s been to tiring to pen down my thoughts. Today is a holiday for the company i work at but i happen to have an offsite meeting in KK and since the meeting is in the evening and i can’t do any work since my office is closed today, i found time to BLOG!!!

Anyway, just a note that all things i’m about to express are personal thoughts and might can only be taken as a review and not all thing’s might be factual. Here goes…

air asia airline

Been flying Air Asia a lot lately and have not been flying MAS for quite some time. Since i had the priviledge to fly MAS today as Air Asia did not have a flight that could accomodate my meeting time, i thought it would be interesting to pen down some of my thoughts on the two airlines.

Here’s a break down of comments from pre to post flight experience for me.

Booking of Tickets
Air Asia now has both (mobile/web) & MAS (web). Both Easy, simple and fast. Air Asia more innovative with mobile? never tried.
Entry & Disembarking

This is one part of Air Asia that i don’t really like. They make you walk stupidly far for your flights. For some reason, they can only use the tunnel entry into flights during rainy times. Even then, i see most of the time they give you umbrellas. NOT SO COOL! with MAS you get to walk into the plane from the waiting area. Thumbs up MAS.

Malaysia Airlines differentiates between 1st Class and Economy Class. Air Asia differentiates from HOT SEAT and normal seats. If you can afford to fly MAS 1st Class, that would be best. However, you only pay RM25 for Air Asia Hot Seats and knowing Malaysians, its 3/4 the times empty. For the normal seats, both airlines now number the tickets, and actually, for normal seats, i prefer Air Asia as the seats are leathered as oppose to cloth ones by MAS. Moreover, i think Air Asia’s Air Bus air conditioning is better. More comfortable.
Flight Crew
Air Asia = Sexy and Sweet.. MAS = Elegant and Pretty. Honestly, both works fine for me. πŸ™‚ but i realized that.. Air Asia’s Crew are more friendly. They often give more attention to mother’s with infants to give them more info on safety. (This one girl Tan Wei Wei) was very frindly to the elderly and mother’s on my flight. Well done. When Cross Check, Air Asia’s flight attendants do very thorough checking on making sure cabin’s are properly closed, seat’s are up and windows are up. In the MAS flight i was in today…during take off, one of the luggage cabin doors popped open and all everyone could do was watch.. and so happen this was the cabin my bag was in and it was because one of the cabin crew did not put in the luggage of one of the other passengers properly.. WTF? Lastly, when the crew does the demonstration for safety, Air Asia’s crew is more synchronized and professional. MAS one was OK but the crew looked like they already hate doing it.
Flight Schedules
Not sure about MAS, should be ok as never heard of any complaints. Air Asia use to delay some flights but they have since gone from good to great. Not had anymore flight delays and apparently, if they delay your flight for more then 2 hours, you are eligible for a RM200 rebate coupon for your next flight. Now we can all fly with ease of heart…

Isn’t it clear now that for domestic flights, i’d rather fly Air Asia? However, air asia’s corp comm unit, i’m sure you’ll sprawl the web and find my blog post. If you’re reading this and think my comments justifies the way you work, here are some things you actually need to work on…

  1. Luggage Handling needs to be more delicate
  2. Can we not walk so far to our plane?
  3. If no one is sitting on your Hot Seats, you should offer it to Senior Citizens or Big Sized people so that other’s can have more comfort in their seats.

I guess that’s about it. Keep up the good work. It’s been nice flying with you. Let’s hope you can keep your standards high.

Just a thought if you’re reading this… which would you rather fly now? please click on polls…. Also, do leave a comment if i was wrong. I believe many would still perceive MAS as the way to go.


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  1. if airasia DELAY your flight for more than 2 hours, u get the rebate. but if they change your flight to the next flight, u get NOTHING…altho it’s a last minute change. however, i agree airasia’s airbus are new and more comfy. i hate the walking tho’. in my previous flight back to lcct, the plane was parked at the furthest, next to the boundary fence, altho there are empty spaces near to the main building. i pity the old ppl and some who had difficulty walking.

  2. AirAsia may have some bugs, but its kinda safer as its fleet is kinda new, Airbus A320, A330 and A340…. boleh tahan laa the FLy-by Wire Tech, less stress for the pilots though πŸ˜€

  3. cham : really? not been changed before. would not know.. hope it does not happen..haha.. just if we don’t have to walk right? sigh…

    don : too techie la dude..haha

  4. Hi Chitty,
    stumbled across your blog, your entry is interesting because it compares both airlines.
    But as far as i know, MAS actually has a mobile service.. think it is this: (can access thru any hp that can surf the net). hope you find this useful.. πŸ™‚

    I’ve got to say though, its surprising that you’d rather fly AirAsia despite their service? All the walking.. always read sad stories about elderly people suffering through the rain..

    Even with acts like the recent hidden costs they were charging their customers?
    MAS has never done anything like this.. and hear they have a good track record in safety and maintenance.

    Hehe, you said to leave a comment on your post.. surprising many have voted with AirAsia as preferred airline.

    Why do you think ya? when MAS offers full service at affordable prices…? Is it because ultimately AirAsia is still cheaper? πŸ™‚

    Hope you can reply.. looks like they both compete stiffly against each other..

  5. Hey dude.. thanks for leaving a note…

    Well generally, i think Air Asia’s started the ball rolling with Now Everyone Can Fly which i think won the heart of many Malaysians who were deprived of flying in those days. In addition, Air Asia started the online booking thing and although everyone thought they were mad, and that no-one could do it, they continued and struggled and they are a part of making the increase of Online Traffic in Malaysia today.

    I’d have to agree with all the walking part though. Thank god i’m still good to walk those long walks. When i become incapable, i’d have to switch to MAS.

    On a personal note, i feel that i get better on-flight service in Air Asia. The air stewardesses are much nicer. Although they started off with young hot looking attitude girls, they now have more descent polite girls on board. Kudos to them again.

    In addition, if i go online today and try to book MAS over Air Asia, i’d have a difficult time and i think not many ppl want to fly Firefly over Air Asia. Personally, i’ve not.

    On a last note, i hope if i fly as much as i flew last year and Air Asia delays me multiple times again, i’d not be pleased. However, since company switched official airlines from MAS to Air Asia, there’s not much i can do about it..

  6. Hi all,
    Anyone know contact for Ms Tan Wei Wei? Would also like to thank her personally as I’ve just returned from a trip with her on board.
    Very courteous and helpful.

  7. irish heart tattoos,

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