DiGi Campus goes LIVE!


Johan Denellind once mentioned to DiGizens that its undeniable that the Telco industry has also been hit due to the economic slowdown.. However, our CEO advises us to take this as an opportunity to capitalize on our strength.. affordable and value for money.

As of 12.01 AM this morning, DiGi has rebranded their Youth Offerings, once known as D’Campus to the all new DiGi Campus.

What’s this about? in 3 simple terms, its FREE CALLS, FREE SMS & FREE Internet

Here’s an elaboration of the offerings..

enjoy FREE CALLS after RM 2 usage a day.. yes, after you call or sms or surf the net or add it all up and it totals up to RM2, you can call ANY DIGI NUMBER in MALAYSIA for FREE

If you have close friends that you SMS everyday? Just add 11 DiGi numbers to your FRIENDS & FAMILY and you can SMS them unlimitedly..!()#U!*(*!($&*!(%Y$! cool right?

If you are used to using your mobile phone to connect to the internet, you can now surf on DiGi’s High Speed Internet Access AKA EDGE for only RM 30/month for unlimited.

DiGi campus only gets better with SECRET offerings in the next 6 months. You can either keep track of DiGi Campus’s offerings at digi.com.my/campus or you can RSS on my blog and i’ll keep you up to date.

I’m not gonna disclose my on-ground activation plans here as our competitor’s also have eyes. However, there’s gonna be many places you can buy this pack… So far, about 150 universities and colleges have been selected to be eligible to purchase. To check whether you can buy or for more information, do log on to digi.com.my/campus

To find out where’re our crew is gonna be, you can either… email me at prashanc@gmail.com and i’ll tell you where’s the closest place you can buy, or i’ll also update my post with locations as they get confirmed..

What you can help me do now, is to email my blog post to your friends… let more ppl know and enjoy the offerings we have to offer!!

Most importantly, let us ‘make your life easier’



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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. adding 11 friends and family is ok but increasing minimum usage to rm 2 doesnt appeal so much to me..

  2. agreed Kamran.. that’s coz you don’t go anywhere but ur campus.. 🙂 but now you can get FREE calls even when you’re out of campus.. =)

  3. Mr P!
    this is the sickest plan in malaysia!
    i still cannot belief myself to read this..
    please pinch or slap me!
    bravo to u guys!

    btw, i put ur blog link at my blog….
    please drop by at my blog whenever you r free…
    blog : http://syaaban-anuar.blogspot.com/

  4. Now i know why do i keep on getting the tarrif tier msg..and I was quite puzzled that I can make free calls even when I’m outside of campus zone. I don’t mind bout the rm2 cos it sure worth it! 😉 Digi always the smarter choice..;)

  5. haha…. good or not? =)

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