Music In Your Pocket (iBand)

I’ve probably not posted for ages. so for those who have been dropping by reading my old stuffs, thank you.. 🙂 And welcome back to those who have not been around latelty and sorry to those who have been waiting to see me post! Well, it’s been 6 long weeks for me as i took the universities by storm by rolling out a Mega University Road Show for DiGi Campus. I must say, i’m pleased with my achievement.. =)

However, this post is not about DiGi, but about our competitor who has for once wow’ed me with their innovation. Well done Maxis. Here’s a post dedicated to you. Hopefully, i’ll have the opportunity to innovate something to counter back soon.

Was shopping in gardens one day and i heard music being played. Being me, i always walk towards live music, but this time around, i approached Maxis booth but i did not see and instruments. I just saw 4 kids sitting down seeming like they’re playing music. I moved closer to see and i finally discovered the first i-phone application that amazes me.

Imagine being able to bring your keyboard or your guitar literally in your pocket.. =) sounds stupid? well check out these videos..

Haha.. well, the application’s not perfect yet.. but gadgets can always mimic the real sounds.. When the iPhone can imitate the sounds of a Taylor or Martin & Co, i’ll really consider getting one!

For once, well done Maxis for featuring Penang iBand for your road shows. It was really intriguing. You caught my attention for once. But rest assure, i’ll be cracking my head harder to beat your concepts soon.. 🙂


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