The All-American Rejects Concert @ 1Utama to be Postponed!

The All-American Rejects official website announced today that Tyson sustained and injury while on tour and that the band will be out for the next couple of weeks.

This also means that The All-American Rejects concert that was set to take place in 1Utama next week in conjunction with DiGiMusicLive will be postponed.

Fans of AAR can send in well wishes to DiGiMusicLive in which DiGi is initiating a Get Well Soon Card for Tyson. Let’s hope he get’s well soon so that fans in Malaysia will be able to see them again soon!

Here’s a video of Tyson explaining what happened to him and promising he’ll be back in Kuala Lumpur! hoorah!!!


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  1. What about the tickets? Are they still usable?

  2. is it true?
    so, how about the tickets?

  3. if you read the digimusic site, they advise people who have redeemed the ticket to retain it until further notice.

    All is still pending talks on how long the concert will be postponed to… so hold on to your tickets.. 🙂

  4. But it says on that they’re gonna return to play in Malaysia on the 10th which is the original are they still playing on that date or is tricking us readers?

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