The All-American Rejects will ROCK KL on 31st Oct 2009

Latest UNOFFICIAL news! AS OF 7th October, ITS OFFICIAL!!!! and announced in DiGiMusicLive

The All-American Rejects is set to come back and ROCK KUALA LUMPUR on 31st October at Car Park A, Bukit Jalil National Stadium. If i’m not mistaken Hui Jean’s birthday is on that day and if i’m not mistaken, she won a meet and greet pass with the  band.. wow! what a way to celebrate ur birthday huh? hahahaha congrats Jean.

Anyway, the official statement should be out at by the end of 7th October and a SMS blast to follow not later then week end.

I guess work’s gonna double for me now that they’re coming back! For those who have not gotten your tickets yet, you can redeem it at the following places over the next few days!

The Plaza, Lim Kok Wing University College, 7th October, 10AM-6PM

Canteen 2,vKolej Tunku Abdul Rahman,  7th – 8th October, 10AM-6PM

Concourse Inti College Subang Jaya, 7th – 8th October, 10AM-4PM

Kompleks Perdanasiswa, Universiti Malaya, 7th – 9th October, 10AM-6PM

Pocket D, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, 7th – 8th October, 10AM-6PM

For those who don’t know yet, tickets are FREE. So come over to the redemption counter to find out how you can get your hands on the FREE tickets! =)

On an unrelated topic, check out this cute video on some chinese dudes making music with a RC car and bottles. How more creative can one be!


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  1. I hope that dream birthday of mine can come true:)
    suprised that you even remembered my birthday:)…thx..

  2. haha Jean, i always sayang u.. u dun belief only ma.. 🙂 let’s hope it does come true! and PS: Yes you are in the meet and greet list! =) congrats. Yellow Army portal should display the results soon! CONGRATS!!

  3. how about UTM ? where can we claim the ticket?

  4. hey Yen Yi, Did Chee Beng give you tickets? if you have, then ppl can redeem from you. There is no Redemption point in Johor..

  5. no.. i don’t have. Oh ya, can i help my frens to redeem ? so they not based at kl but they need the ticket? how ?

  6. awww.i wish i have tickets!! 😛

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