My Quarter 3 09′ encounters!

Well, it’s been a long Q3 for me and DiGi as we a lot of people worked around the clock for many stuff. Thing’s are finally slowing down a bit for me and re-capping at Q3, i think DiGi as a company worked hard to kick ass!

Anyway, had the opportunity to work with some people over the months and had the chance to chat with them.. really nice ppl!

This is Ayu from One In A Million Season 1 and 2… Met here during season 1, she got eliminated around the same time as me.. just 1 day before as the girls did their group elimination before the guys.. very sweet girl.. then she came back and was top 3 if i’m not mistaken for season 2


Dayang too was from One In A Million season 1. Although she was a recording artist before she joined, she was very modest. Nice to see her again.


Then i had a chance to meet a wonderful person.. Misha Omar. Honestly, she’s sooo nice.. a lot of aura on stage, very crowd pleasing and very accomodating. Very good experience… Thanks Misha.


Well, i have the All American Rejects concert coming up end of the month. But until i get busy again, gonna get some rest in Melaka for Deepavali. Thank’s JD for making tomorrow a holiday in DiGi. =) we all need some rest!

For those who have yet to get your tickets or wanna know where’s the nearest place u can get ur tickets for The All-American Rejects, please leave a comment in the AAR post before this and i’ll guide u to get ur ticlets.


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