Capitol Satay Celup Melaka

Satay Celup is a homegrown food of Melaka. When visiting Melaka, its a definite must try. Though it is a little spicy, its taste has been recognized by Good Food guides globally.

If you take a walk down the streets of Bukit Cina, look our for the sighboard shown below. You cant miss it as there will be people queuing up all the time. Most of the time, the queue would be the utmost demoralizing factor to eat there. But hey, the longer you wait, trust me, the more you will crave for it in the future. Why? Because it is delicious.

Signboard The longer you queue the more you crave..

They have also quite good variety to select from. Sometimes people think eating here is quite expensive. However, regulars know that the owner Raymond always contrast the price you pay with good service, and secret servings of Humongous Seafood. Being a VERY VERY VERY regular there and knowing Raymond for some time now, i always get the biggest of prawns, abalones, squids, clams, and at one stage he even gave me a shot of a baby lobster. Interesting? but not so easy to eat a lobster during Satay Celup. Trust me! Being such a friend, Raymond let me peak into his cold storage and so i snapped a picture of the prawns for your viewing pleasure.

Good Variety Gigantic Prawn Collection

Last time i went, he offered me the tiger prawn shown below. This is what happens when you have connections.. hehe sweet eh? The sauce is made of peanuts and some secret recipe of chili.. sweet and little spicy. Not something you can find around the block. If ur lucky, you get more peanuts and more chili.. It makes the sauce more interesting to eat! yum yum!

Huge eh?
In short, its a hellufa (short for hell of a) dining experience not to be missed. Enjoy your meal!


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