Hainanese Roti Kahwin Melaka

Hainanese Toast Bread and Half Boil Eggs have become a pretty much commercial food in the past 5 years or so with many types of commercial coffee shops came into place in shopping complexes in the town areas. As Melaka is growing to be quite a city with a good variety of Night Life spots, youth nowadays tend to spend their time till the wee hours of the morning.
For me, If i stay out till about 1AM-2AM, my next destination would be the Bandar Hilir Famous Hainanese Bread Coffee Shop. What better then to have 2 half boil eggs with a set of toasted bread with Kaya and rich Butter fillings? The uniqueness of this shop is its toast bread is served with rich servings of butter and Kaya. Pretty fattening for supper but nevertheless fantastic tasting. Even the eggs are cooked to perfection. Here are some pictures i took the last time i was there.

Grilled to perfection

Egg Cooked to perfection

Beauty aint it? Anyway, the shop is located opposite the new Carefour of Dataran Pahlawan. Its walking distance from the Equitorial Hotel. Worth a try if you are hungry for some good supper….. Its a pretty small shop, but always crowded. If you are keen to explore, i hear their fried noodles are perfect as well. For me it’s so so..but apparently for CHILI lovers, the Sambal is perfecto. Leave you with a picture of the 2 bosses struggling to get people’s order’s in place.


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  1. Where is their location now??..i cant find them…

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