Paul Ponnudorai, One Man & One Guitar!

Despite his growing popularity throughout the world, Paul Ponnudorai remains humble to his cause, to play music and to make music worth listening to. I’ve known Paul for 4 years now and he has been more than wonderful though our friendship was only bonded through other friendships. Paul is married to his number 1 fan in this world Anne Rodrigues (Anne if u r reading this, i hope i spelled ur name correctly). Although there is much for me to share with you guys about this great musician that i highly look up to, i’ll leave the talking to Time Magazine. Yes you read it right, TIME magazine. I’m quite disapointed that the article branded him as Singapore’s Undiscovered Talent though, as Paul is and always will be truly Malaysian. It’s just sad that playing music in Malaysia does not take you places. =)

Here are the links to where you can READ MORE ABOUT PAUL PONNUDORAI

Paul on TIME Magazine (in partnership with CNN)

Paul on New Straits Time Malaysia

Harry’s Pub in Singapore (Where he currents play his music weekly)

Paul Featured on The Star on Paul’s performance in the 2007 Penang Jazz Festival

Paul’s Debut album Right on Time was produced by Enrico Crivellaro with Ethnobeat. For those who cant tell from listening, Paul recorded the CD in 1 take & on 1 day without any programs. It is purely the man and his guitar. However, Paul did some dubbing in Henry Koh’s Lullaby. =)

Here’s a glimpse of what Paul is capable of

And here’s one where Paul jams withJeremy Monteiro and the Tuck & Patti duo during a Christmas Concert held in the Esplanade Singapore.

For those who are not impressed yet, i am leaving snippets from Paul’s first album ‘Right On Time’ which is available in

Snippets of Paul’s Music (coming soon, not up due to cost budget)

Snippets coming soon:

Paul’s version of Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho

Paul’s Version of House of The Rising Sun

Paul’s Version of 500 Miles


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  1. I would love to see Paul playing. If I am in Singapore, where can I see him in action? The name of the pub and ocation would be helpful. Thanks mate.

  2. Francis, Paul was playing at Harry’s at the Esplanade for quite some time.. but just checked their schedule and his name’s no longer there. Do come and leave a message here when you plan a trip.. i can give him a call to check for you.. 🙂 to be quick, drop me an SMS at 014-3233 331 or email me at

  3. Great article!

    I am here until the 2nd and would love to catch Paul. I saw him about two years ago and he blew my socks off. Let me know via email if possible!


  4. Hey Shaun, Paul taken a break from Harry’s at the moment. Just texted him for his new schedule.. he says he’ll update me soon! will update when he does.. good luck and enjoy the lovely music.. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi! There,

    Do you know where Paul is currently palying?

    Thanks heaps


  6. EM, unfortunately, Paul has accepted a job to play in a Hotel in India and i forsee that he will be there for at least till the end of the year. I’ll update if he comes back to Singapore/Malaysia. 🙂

  7. trying to get in touch with Paul for a gig here in Singapore….please pass on my details to him…

  8. Hi Michael,

    Have sent a text to Paul. Not sure if he keeps his Malaysian number active in India.. dont have his India number at the moment. Hope he gets back to you. If i get hold of his India number, will re-send the text to him. 🙂

  9. Hi Chittyboy,

    Just a test post comment first..

  10. Hi Chittyboy,

    Ok it works. i will be in touch man….
    Paul is GREAT !!!

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