Project 500 – Next Big Wave?

So i bet some of you might have been hearing a lot about Project 500 Malaysia? Here’s a slight insight for those who wanna know more.

Project 500 might as well just be the next big internet wave in Malaysia. What’s happening? a Internet Group (identity undisclosed yet) is looking to find 50o of biggest and most influential Internet Junkies in Malaysia. What happens when you sign up and claim to be among that group of 500 people that cannot live without your computers of for that fact, your twitter or facebook.

So what happens after you do sign up for project 500? Well, you wait. This is because out of the thousands applying, they’ll probably choose between 250 to a maximum of 500 people.

These 250 to 500 ppl will then get together and help shape the next big internet secret! so you think you should be part of something like this? Well then you better hurry up to Project 500 and register yourself!

If you and i get chosen, we’ll meet at the end of the tunnel and be a part of this next big wave.. fingers crossed*

Project 500 Banner


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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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  1. I kinda know who’s behind it already. One yellow telco.

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