How to make ‘Seribu Sejam’ or RM14K in 1 minute!

Woke up early to get to work today.. had to assist with the DiGi Seribu Sejam Grand Finale…

What’s it about? Well DiGi has been giving out RM 1K every hour for the past 52 days. On top of that, they’ll ask the customers an extra question and if they answer it correctly, they’ll qualify for the grand finals. Here are some pictures as i go along….

So we had 52 people who made it to the finals. Each of them have already won RM1K each and today, they were fighting to win RM 500K.

So what we did was we hooked up A LOT OF BALLS and certain colored balls had a price to it. The Yellow Ball valued at RM 50, the Gold ball, RM 100 and the Black ball was RM 10K. So participants were showed the value on screen,


Slightly after, they were given a welcoming speech by Loh, Head of Products. He reminded that the questions asked during the competition were all about Malaysia and stressed how this ties back to the 1Malaysia campaign.


When the time came, they lined up all 52 finalist in the arena of BALLS! haha


For those who actually asked if DiGi would really give 10K out, the next picture gives the answer.. Spot the black balls!


Then just before it started, they poured the BALLS into the arena. Imagine all the other COLORED BALLS who had no value. Guess who they represent? haha…


And after 1 minute of BALL PICKING, they stopped the game. Looky Looky! this guy was the big winner, walking home with RM14.5K. I’m sure he’ll be all over the papers tomorrow. In total there were 5 winners who went home with more than 10K.
Unfortunately, i was not one of those winners… sigh… maybe next time…. congratulations Mr. Zainal Abidin. I hope the 15K will be put into good use! good luck and hope to see u again in future DiGi competitions.

Oh ya, got some cool pictures of AAR but i’m waiting for some more before i post about them.. they definitely rocked Bukit Jalil, hands down!

Cheers, P!


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