Mr.P! meets Tyson Ritter & The All-American Rejects

Haha..yeah this post came quite late but was awaiting some of the nicer pictures from Universal before i post..

So, AAR was down in Malaysia and i was there. I must admit, their performance exceeded my expectations by folds and folds. However, work leading to the event night was tiring, with so much to be done and so little time.. On Event day, i went on standby at Bukit Jalil from 10AM and guess what, there were people already lining up. Thumbs up to the 2 groups of ppl there from 9AM! you guys rock! hope you enjoyed the meet & greet!

For those who don’t know, the tickets were FREE. Actually heard some ppl talking about how they bought tickets.. sigh.. anyway, for those of you who knows Evan Yo and Y2J, up-coming artists from Taiwan, DiGiMusicLive will be showcasing them early December. Find out how you can get tickets from DiGiMusicLive. They will be performing in KL, Penang & KK.

Here are some pictures from AAR. Had the chance to meet Natalie & Ean from Hitz

Prashan AKA Mr.P! meets Natalie & Ean

Good girls gone bad!

Girls who wanted to touch Tyson!

Just what some would do to get Tyson's attention

Advantage of being an organizer

When Tyson went off stage to touch his fans

Prashan AKA Mr.P! meets Tyson backstage

Night ended about midnight. By that time, not only was i tired, i was toasted from the afternoon sun. Went home straight while some other’s who could still stand it went partying with the band at Zouk. Tyson actually tried Durian. I wonder if he’ll ever eat it again.. =) AAR rocks!


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