Penang Nasi Kandar Line Clear – Melakaboy Recommends!

Hungry for some awesome Nasi Kandar with tender mouth watering fried chicken? If you are, and you happen to be in Penang, check out Nasi Kandar Line Clear on Penang Road.

Line Clear is open 24 hours and is famous for its sauce mix and also it’s fried chicken. I’m sure other thing’s are as delicious but being the fried chicken lover i am, it’s always my first choice.

Here’s what my scrumptious dish looks like..

Now if you ever find out why Line Clear is named so, please do let me know.. as far as i know, it’s named that way coz the boss always yell ‘line clear’ to signal his boys to clean the tables after customer leaves. However, there’s been more myth that it’s named that way as the workers used to get a fix in the dark alley and they would have someone watching for cops and shouting ‘line clear’ to indicate that it’s safe. Other bloggers suggest that the boss yell’s ‘line clear’ when the curry line is cleared. Which is which? i’d probably never know.. but it does not really matter.. most importantly, the food is good. Definitely a MUST TRY!


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