EPL on Boxing Day!


Past weeks have been terrible weeks for people who put their money into football betting. Personally, i call this the Ladbrokes season….

Well, today’s gonna be boxing day where play resumes. And based on my years of experience watching the English Premier League, today should be the come back day for all the titans…

Here’s a prediction for today’s games

  1. Birmingham (L) Vs (W) Chelsea
  2. Fullham (L) Vs (W) Spurs
  3. West Ham (W) Vs (L) Portsmouth
  4. Burnley (L) Vs (W) Bolton
  5. Man City (W) Vs (L) Stoke
  6. Sunderland (L) Vs (W) Everton
  7. Wigan (W) Vs (L) Blackbun
  8. Liverpool (W) Vs Wolves

Day 2 will be tricky. It will be really dependent on Day 1 results. If i get 5/8 right for tonight’s games, i’ll predict tomorrow’s games for fun k?

Haha.. i know this post is weird.. For some reason i think i’m going to be right and i wanna put it on paper… =)

Merry Christmas to all my fellow readers.. i hope this tips turns out to be a good gift for boxing day!


About melakaboy

Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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