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Of late, there has been a lot of controversy over the writings of a Dr. Ridhuan Tee entitled ‘Accused as criminals better than being evil

With a little free time this morning, i read a reply article by one Art Harun entitled ‘An open reply to Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Being a true Malaysian, a lover of this country, it’s people, it’s culture, and it’s food, i thought i’d pen down my thoughts with hopes that i can inspire young Malaysians, if not my friends to start speaking up when they are not happy, make a point when they think they’re being bullied and challenge the country’s rulers in a matured way.

I’m 26 this year, and i have a good stable job. I come from what is normally termed as a ‘rojak’ family. It started back in the days of Malaya where my great grandfather, LK Chitty came from India and married a Malay lady. In fact, he married 4 Malay ladies. As you can see, i use Malay instead of Muslim as back then, for some reason, Malay’s are not Muslim. Now i’m too shallow to investigate why but it does not really matter to me right now, it really does not, as my family has been living happily for 4 generations. My grandfather KT Chitty, married my grandma, a chinese adopted into an Indian family and my Dad, TV Chitty married a pure breed Malaysian Chinese.

As for me, i grew up as a Hindu. However, i’ve been to my temple a couple of times a year, mostly for prayers and rites. My dad was not what ppl called these days an ‘ultra religious’ person and therefore, i’m not to. We always believe that religion is a moral, a teaching of good, a teaching teaching us how to differentiate good from bad. However, in the current state of our nation, where our fellow politicians are firing up sensitive issues of racism to stir up political fights, i’m no longer sure if my children will any longer understand what religion is all about.

I’m touched with Art Harun’s article as it clearly outlines that the cry of the nation is for equality where the people are not arguing that Islam should not be the official religion of the country, nor are people arguing that Bahasa Malaysia should be the official language of the nation. What the real matter is, the people are confusing themselves with Religion Vs Law and Economics.

When a child is born, the infant is born without a religion. The duty of the parent is to teach their kid moral and religion. When the child is of maturity age, he or she should be given the right to choose their religion. Let them choose what’s right and wrong. Why force a take up of a religion upon someone? Why can’t i, choose which religion to belief, and why can’t i, let my son choose what religion he wants to belief? Why must i let my son change his religion just because he wants to marry a girl from a different faith? if he embraces the religion by himself, so be it, but why must he do it because the law says so?

Where is my freedom to choose my religion? Why am i deprived of my constitutions? Why is there 1 law for Muslims and another for non? are we not just Malaysians?

Sure, i can embrace Islam if i want to marry a Muslim girl, i’ll have to at least. But will i believe? or are you forcing me to believe?

I personally feel the biggest barrier in Malaysia is not who rules the country, but how he rules. Today, i read Muslims condemning the government over the wrong use of Islam in Politics. Today i read from Art’s blog, a Sabahan native girl, stating that there is no such discrimination of faith in Borneo.

I believe, and i stand by my believe that these illusions are created by those who are using Religion as a way to relate to votes of confidence.

I eagerly shout out to my friends, and my friends, friends, If you are a believer, that someday, our nation can live of liberal laws, that your constitutional rights will be re-given to you, to take that stand, make your choice, and register as a voter. Belief that you can make a difference, be it BN you trust, or the opposition, It’s time you take a stand, and decide what’s for you and what is not.

I fear that our people, the true multi cultural Malaysians are loosing faith and are just living a comfortable life. Hear me out, if Obama can be the president of America, what’s stopping a true Malaysian from ruling our country. You might as well be our next prime minister.

I believe. Do you?

Malaysia, I LOVE YOU. In you, i believe.


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