DiGi Internet Pimped My Day @ 1Utama

Yet another successful day out by DiGi Telecommunications

Started 2010 with a big bang with DiGi Internet Pimp My Day. What was it? it was 100 bloggers coming together for an experiential day out with DiGi Internet. In just that 1 day, probably 2000 pictures were taken in 1Utama itself. Prove of it, there are to date at least 60 blog posts that i’ve read on the event. Evidently, everyone had fun.

1 Particular blogpost caught my attention. Very well written and very well composed. Very detailed and very media-full. Thumbs up Team PIMPKY!  Here’s an interesting video from Team Pimpky!

I enjoyed myself. Had an opportunity to meet the girl i idolized for so many years Jojo Struys.

Prashan AKA Mr.P! meets Jojo Struys

Well, i’m not gonna put in more pictures coz there are already tons of it in other blogs. Official pictures will be posted in DiGi’s Facebook Fanpage so look out for it and tag yourselves.

Here’s a Video from DiGi’s side. Hope you guys like it!

PS: A big thank you to 1Utama for allowing us access to the mall, Nokia Malaysia for borrowing us the N97’s for the games, KL Stompers for doing an excellent job, Jojo for putting up with our last minute request, Swatch, Celebrity Fitness, It’s a Hit Batting Cage & Quiksilver for their partnership.


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