Air Asia VS Firefly, Budget Airlines in Malaysia

Had my first dose of flying in 2010 today after laying off planes for 2 months or so. For the first time, i got to get on a firefly plane & since i’ve always been wanting to compare Air Asia with Firefly, i finally get the chance today.

Most Malaysians will know that Firefly is a subsidiary or Malaysian Airlines which was created to give Air Asia a fight for their money. I’ve always been a big fan of Air Asia because of their good marketing and communication strategies. Air Asia sort of like created a benchmark for budget airlines not only in Malaysia but also the world. Today i experience flight in it’s biggest rival in Malaysia, Firefly, and this is what i thought.

Air Asia VS Firefly, Mr. P! explains…

Car Park

Those of you that do day trips or overnight trips and frequent Air Asia would probably agree with me that PARKING is HELL! you’re always parked super far and at times when you’re late for your flights, you can’t be choosy on parking. For Firefly, there’s a smaller car park opposite the terminal which caters for much less cars, but seriously, since it’s so near town, everyone just takes cabs there. I got a super strategic parking today, and the charges were really reasonable. 1 Point up for Firefly


For those of you are so obsessed with being in airports earlier then 45 minutes prior to your flight due to Air Asia’s strict rules would know that if you’re a minute late, Air Asia would tell you sorry, we’ve calculated the weight. I checked into my flight 35 minutes before departure today and i’ve heard of people who have done 30 minutes as well. 1 Point Up for Firefly.

Security Check

Since Firefly has less planes and less routes, security lines are most of the time empty.. be it for check in luggage or hand carry. Definitely 1 more point up for Firefly


In my 2 flights today, the plane both came on time, both were cleaned very fast, and take off after full boarding is below 10 minutes, and exiting the flight after plane halts after landing is also within minutes. 1 more point for Firefly

Air Hostess

I’m not sure if this is a valid argument but yeah i still prefer Air Asia’s air hostess. They are more pleasant, somewhat dresses better and they look more energetic. 1 Point for Air Asia

Walk to Plane

Both the airlines make you walk to your plane. Air Asia has better walking facilities like shades and umbrella’s for emergency. However, you walk super long distances. With Firefly, you walk like 100 metres max. But i’m not sure what happens if it rains. I’ll leave this as equal.


Air Asia wins this hands down, not only because of the bigger plane, but also the bigger luggage compartments. my bag would not fit into the overhead. Had to tuck it below the seat. I saw one gentleman with a big bag..wonder how we got it secured. 1 point Air Asia


The hostess are more polite with you on Firefly, they will not get angry with you coz your luggage won’t fit into the top compartment nor will they make noise until your luggage is secured under your seat. I’d give Firefly 1 point for this considering i’m more of a Excellent Customer Experience kind of guy.

Well, to sum things up, if i were given a choice to choose between the 2, although they have their own pro and cons, i don’t mind flying Firefly. Why? Coz i’d spend less time in the airport, less time walking to my plane and less time arguing with the check in counter on why i’m slightly late.

Having the quality of service and up to par standards that firefly has, they really do stay below radar when it comes to brand awareness and customer experience. I think Firefly needs to hire Joyce for their communications, Mark Darren to strengthen their online presence and brand health, and probably Adzhar to make their girls look better.. haha.. If G Hotel can do it, i’m sure firefly can too.. REBRAND yourself..

Good luck ppl at Firefly if you’re reading this. Lots of work to be done, but you definitely have a good start.

After all, one happier customer like me is definitely a good thing.

PS: I hope i fly half of what i did last year.. really cant stand waiting in the airport for delay flights anymore.. =)

Chinese New Year is coming.. any plans anyone?


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  1. seriously, if firefly were to have more aircrafts and they are not propellers, air Asia is dead!

    Thanks for the review man

  2. i’ll have to agree.. but a little more aggressive promotion on their A&P might help them do better then they already are.. =)

  3. Thanks man for the review. Since I have not tried any of the two, I was wondering which one I should take from Langkawi to Penang.

    Firefly it is 🙂

    Traveller from Saudi Arabia

  4. sorry for the late reply.. i hope u had a pleasant time in Malaysia. 🙂

  5. thanks doe 4 ur critics… it really helps me in finishing my assg..

  6. Hi there friends, nice post and good arguments commented at this
    place, I am truly enjoying by these.

  7. really helps me

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