Have you tuned in to 89.9 BFM?

Have recently been introduced to BFM, also known as Built for Marketeers or also known as Business Football & Media or as known to me as Bullshit Free Media.. hmmmmmmmm interesting right?

So from my point of view, here’s what i find interesting about BFM?

1. Football

  • They have a live feed for EPL games. This means you are actually listening to live commentary. I find it damm cool coz it helps u stay awake on nights where you’re so tired but still your favourite team is playing.
  • They have a football experts discussion on matches, and those guys are super funny. They make really sarcastic jokes on radio, stuff which you never hear on other radio’s but i’m not sure how they get away with it coz it’s sometimes quite vulgar if you understand it thoroughly. But hey, what happened to FREE speech right? i love it…

2. Business

  • Now, every morning when i drive to work, i get a bit of insights on the current market trends and how major companies in Malaysia are plan their marketing… very good to know when you’re talking to more business minded ppl (aka bosses)

3. Music

  • As most of you who know me might know, i’m very particular about the music that i listen to.. (this is coming from a guy that’s listening to Alan Jackson while posting this post), and i really enjoy the music on BFM. Why? it’z coz they either play music that are relevant to Young Professionals who are in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s. These are your Greenday, Oasis, Nirvana among others. And even when they’re playing music i’ve not heard of, it’s usually pretty nice choice of songs… 🙂

4. Interviews

  • The other segment i like is when they interview young successful entrepreneurs. These are the people that have made it big either locally or regionally and are truly young at heart. I love listening as it gives me insights on how some successful businesses operate.

Well, i’m sure i’m gonna miss BFM when i go back to Melaka for CNY. So if you’re in KL and am driving and trying to find an interesting station to tune in to, Melakaboy recommends you BFM 89.9

Kudos BFM 89.9 keep up the good work and keep it real. Do not dilute your contents & you’ll keep me as a loyal listener.

I end this post with a new liner for BFM, Building Fantastic Minds =)


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Nonsensical and crazy as i already am, i'm still good at what i do... that's me! crazily efficient.

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