Han Chon, Korean Fried Chicken @ Sri Hartamas

Han Chon Chicken @ Sri Hartamas

Fried Chicken Lovers! tired of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Want a new taste to your chicken wings? Well, i discovered this place a couple of years ago while hanging out @ backyard pub. I never thought it’d survive until today but since it has, i think it deserves a big mention.

For some reason, the ambiance in this restaurant is great. It’s mostly quiet hence why many would think twice about the food quality of the food. Back then, i was too hungry to think about it. Popped in and looked at the menu.

What’s their specialty? Fried chicken. They had 6 different kinds of chickens to order from on the menu but actually, it’s just 2 taste with variety of choices of parts. Weird huh? Now one would think how could a shop survive by just selling Fried Chicken? hmmmm…

They have 2 particular specialties, the standard and spicy chicken. Normally, i’d order a set of golden wings and then tell them to split it into both taste. It cost RM36nett for a set of golden wings and it can feed about 3-4pax. When i go alone, i normally order half set which cost RM18nett. The chicken is deep fried and cooked when you order so it takes about 20-25 minutes from order to serving. Is it worth waiting for? well i would think of myself to be very particular when it comes to my chickens but this i recommend. 🙂

In addition, they use vegetarian oil to cook and it’s not oily when served. The meat remains juicy and the marination is perfect.

Here are some pictures i took on my last visit. (taken with Shermaine’s iPhone from DiGi)

Standard Golden Wings Set

Kimchi Fried Rice

Fishcake Kimchi

Cucumber Kimchi

For those who are bad with roads like me, here’s a map. For those who know Backyard pub, it’s just next to it.

Address :

30, Jalan Sri Hartamas 8.
Tel: 6201 1876

Map to Han Chon

PS: If you’ve tried the chicken and you like it, why not leave a rating or comment here?



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  1. If only more than 16 people could hear about this!

  2. The number is not in service? Is the restaurant still active

  3. Hey Adam, you are right… both numbers have been deactivated. I’m not sure though. They might have closed down. Will confirm on my next trip nearby there.

  4. Han Chon Fried Chicken at Sri Hartamas already closed down. The lot is now taken over by The Backyard Pub, which will be expanding to triple lot soon….

  5. sigh… another loss for Fried Chicken lovers.. but a good thing for live music lovers.. haha

  6. Could you send me your menu

  7. Ai Choo, sorry i dont own this place.. i just blogged about it..anyway they have already closed down i think 🙂

  8. next time put a complete date on your reviews dipshit so ppl wont get confused with the latest reviews and fucking last year reviews. dont know how to blog issit? piece of shit chinese.

  9. well.. i’m not Chinese and apologies if it mislead you but if you read together with all comments. It was stated over and over again that the place has since closed down.. apologies for the inconvenience.

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