The Place to be on 28/11/2010 : For Vijay & Henley

Waikiki PJ will be turning 14 tomorrow, Sunday the 27th of November 2010 and the owners, is once again celebrating it again by showing kindness to help fellow musician and friend Vijay David whose son, Henley has been diagnosed with leukemia.

For those of you who are veterans in the pub scene, or for those of you who have been following me to live music pubs for the past 8 years, then you’ll know that Vijay’s a very dear friend to me hence i’m skipping a few hours of sleep to help promote the gathering tomorrow.

Henley & Vijay

Well, if you know Vijay, or if you crave for good music, or you simply wanna lend a helping hand, then Waikiki PJ is the place to be tomorrow night. The line up is as follows :- (Su Ling, Allan G, Corne Cake Kings ft Julian Mokhtar, Strait Sax Ahead ft Salamiah Hassan, Bongga Bongga, Andy Peterson, Aseana Percussion Unit, Soul Circle, Deja Voodoo Spells,  Five & Dime, Bala and many more!)

For those who attended my proposal party, yes, Vijay was the singer who sang while i kneeled to my wife to be.. for those who missed the video here you go again!

Well, music starts at 6.30 and i’ll probably swing by about 9 odd..

However, please be warned that WAIKIKI will be PACKED that night and there might not be space for you to even move around… hey but for good music, comes big sacrifices. For those who are planning to pop by, do drop me a text.. i’ll buy u a beer (since it’s RM5 all night long)

Cover charge is RM20 with first drink and subsequent beers at RM5 and jugs at RM20. All proceeds will go to Henley David’s leukemia fund.

Good Bless.. and Vijay if you’re reading this. Stay strong brother!! you have our prayers!





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